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Application & Admission


  • October 1 - January 15 – application period for SSE MSc in Business & Management. Your complete application should be submitted by this date. This is also the last date to sit all the tests.

  • Beginning of February – shortlisted candidates are invited to apply for MSc Management program at NUS.

  • March – interview with K-A Bonnier Foundation

  • April – notification regarding the results of the selection


The K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program is looking for highly talented students with a particular interest in the Nordics-SEA connection and a strong link to any of these two regions. 

The K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program requires admission to both the MSc Program in Business & Management at SSE and the MSc Management Program at NUS. However, SEA-students applying to the option to stay at SSE for two years require admission to the MSc program in Business & Management at SSE only.

Application requirements:

  • 1. Earned, or expect to earn, a good undergraduate degree from a business-related program with very good academic results
  • 2. Minimum GMAT Score of 600 (total) or GRE score 155 (quant). Recommended score for analytical writing part is 4.5–5.0
  • 3. High score in personal interview
  • 4. Minimum IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 100 (Internet)
  • 5. International experience
  • 6. CV and Personal Statement

In assessing your application, we are also interested in your international experience related to entrepreneurship and/or leadership.

We strongly recommend you to have references included in your application to K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program.



Step 1: Take the tests and meet the entry requirements

Check here which tests we accept and how to send the results to us. For information on requirements, please see above.

Step 2: Get in touch with us if you have questions

The admissions team is available via email, phone, Skype, meetings on campus, fairs and info sessions. Check our calendar!

Step 3: Fill in the online application and upload documents

Apply to the Master Program in Business and Management and fill in the section for K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program (KAB-IFP) to complete your application for the KAB-IFP.

The application to SSE is only submitted via our website and is free of charge. If you want to apply for more than one program, you must submit an application for each of them. Make sure the list of your preferred programs is consequent in each application - we need to know which program you prefer if you apply for several of them. You can save your application anytime and come back to it when you have the required information. Submit your application only when you feel that you have provided all the required information (including the documents that must be uploaded), no changes can be made after you submitted your application. Make sure to make it before the deadline, late applications are not accepted.

Step 4: Possible interview

The selection process consists of several components. The admissions team at SSE screens your application, where we check your suitability and competence for the Master Program in Business and Management as well as the K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program. If your application has passed the initial screening, you will be invited to fill in the application for the Management Program at NUS. NUS will then invite selected applicants for an interview and report the outcome of the selection to SSE. Finally, the selected candidates are interviewed by the KAB Foundation.

Step 5: Acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection

The outcome of the selection process to the KAB IFP will be communicated to the applicants by the end of March.

Please note that even though you fulfil all the application requirements, it does not mean that you are automatically admitted to the MSc program, as the number of places is limited and the competition is therefore intense.

Accepted students on their last year of the Bachelor program will receive a conditional acceptance - they must be done with the Bachelor degree by the start of the MSc program (send all the completing documents by August 20).

The rejection to the KAB IFP does not influence your chances for admissions to the regular two-year MBM program. 

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