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Master student Sejal Gandhi is awarded Global Swede 2019

At today's Global Swede Award Ceremony SSE master student Sejal Gandhi was one of Sweden's top international students to receive a diploma. She is a very ambitious and enterprising student, who, besides attending the program, is engaged in international tax matters and transfer pricing at PwC Sweden. Sejal Gandhi is scheduled to graduate in June 2019.

Sejal Gandhi Global Swede Awardee 2019Over the last two years, she has found life-long friendships in both Swedes and other foreign expatriates. Throughout this journey, she has appreciated Sweden's social structure, innovativeness and sustainability initiatives.

”The Global Swede Award is a way of recognising our most innovative international students. Students who come from abroad to study in Sweden play an important role in our international relations strategy and I hope that the award will continue to cultivate a vibrant international culture within Swedish universities”, says Ann Linde, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Trade.

Making electricity prices easy to understand for households

Fascinated by the complexities of electricity markets, she has dedicated her MSc thesis research to pricing at the consumer-end of the value chain. Inspired by the academic finding that it is hard for household users to interpret electricity prices, she intends to create a real-world impact. She is currently evaluating the business model of a smartphone application that makes households aware of the real-time supply volatilities in their region. As electricity production costs, supply shocks and network congestions will become tangible to final users, they will have behavioral and financial incentives to respond to the volatilities; they will be enlightened to make environmentally sustainable consumption choices.

About the Global Swede Award

The Global Swede Award is given to international students who are considered to be good ambassadors for their higher education institution and for Sweden, and who have distinguished themselves through creativity, entrepreneurship or innovation in their academic disciplines. The award is a collaboration between the Swedish Government and the Swedish Institute.