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New research collaboration between Misum, Doconomy and Flowe on carbon conscious purchasing trends

Doconomy and Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) to collaborate on academic research project with support of Italian Flowe CO2-consumption data.

Today, the leading Swedish impact tech company, Doconomy steps up their ambition to drive positive change by teaming up with Misum (Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets) at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in an exclusive research partnership. Data provided by Flowe through the world leading impact data solution, Åland Index, will provide researchers with insights from companies to scientifically explore carbon conscious purchasing trends.

“Our first objective was to show consumers their carbon footprint related to consumption, secondly we offered our services to banks and payment providers around the world. By taking this third step we facilitate the scientific analysis of user data from consumers by the brilliant minds at Misum/SSE. The analysis of the data will help decision-makers and stakeholders to make wiser and more resilient decisions on consumption related carbon emissions, enabled by the support of our partners.”, Doconomy founder and CEO, Mathias Wikström.

Doconomy wants to explore how the company can support Misum with research opportunities and data. The goal is to contribute to the extension of research and understanding within this specific field. This will hopefully benefit future decisions to fully comprehend and grasp the effects and potential of analyzing applied impact data. Private consumer data will be entirely protected and no information that can be connected to an individual is being included in the project.

“To be connected to the vast amount of data provided by Doconomy and Åland Index and their partners is really intriguing. It is an incredible opportunity to explore how consumers individual insights on their purchasing behavior might affect their way of life." Pamela Campa, Assistant Professor, SSE and Affiliated Researcher, Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets.

At this early stage it is difficult to say what our findings will be, but this project will, without a doubt, give us deeper insights in consumer behavior as well as possible data on impactful methods that reduce consumption related carbon emissions." Julius Andersson, Researcher, SSE, Affiliated Researcher, Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets.

The project kicks off with fresh out of the box impact data from Italian neo-bank Flowe, a benefit company of Banca Mediolanum.

“Flowe wants to help its users to grow as individuals, to improve the world around them and therefore their own environmental impact. This is why, thanks to the Aland index, we allow our customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their expenses. With Misum, we want to have a quantitative and qualitative measure of our impact in changing users' habits. Through these findings we can both fine-tune our current services and create new solutions to help our customers go even further on their road to a more sustainable way of life." Marco Segato, CTO at Flowe.

About Doconomy:

Doconomy, founded in Sweden 2018, provides digital solutions to help track and measure the carbon footprint. Doconomys service, DO, a mobile banking app, manages savings and promotes sustainable consumption. The Åland Index Solutions impact calculations in DO use data, covering 99% of global market cap, through a unique partnership with Trucost, a part of S&P Global. Through Doconomys collaboration with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC), to educate and engage individuals around climate action, additional innovative tools to explain our impact are also developed. Doconomy utilizes innovation, data, and design to support consumer change of behaviour by enabling well-informed choices, which in turn, promote responsible consumption. The 2030 Calculator is such an innovation, to increase transparency and responsibility on product level.

About Flowe:

Flowe is the newborn Mediolanum Group Benefit company, pending BCorp and Carbon Neutral, whose purpose is to educate new generations and young people about innovation and economic, social and environmental sustainability. In these times of infinite possibilities, where the youngest fellows often feel uncertain in regard to their own future, unable to choose a direction, Flowe wants to give them the tools and methods to develop their potential and live better. Through its mobile app and the growing partners’ ecosystem, Flowe’s aim is to build a BetterBeing Economy to help young people to live a more meaningful, sustainable and happy life.


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