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Storyteller, world maker

Storyteller, world maker (2019) by the Danish artists Asta Lynge and Jakob Ohrt is on screen in the atrium during November and December 2022. The artwork touches upon contemporary matters like sustainability, entrepreneurship, storytelling/bullshit and property development.

it's the story of my life 2nd cut.00_03_21_19.Still004.jpeg

Storyteller, world maker (2019) is an artvideo about the creation of future cities and modern neigbourhoods. It´s dealing with neighbourhood, sustainability, speculation and gentrification. 

In the video we meet a cowboy who introduces us to his thoughts about modern urban development. What does he say to us?

Storyteller, world maker has previously been showed at Hotel Hilton, Slussen, Stockholm by invitation by Stockholm konst and at the gallery Vermilion Sands in Copenhagen. 

"In a Copenhagen of the near future, rising sea levels and a burgeoning population have left land for property development sparse and in high demand. Here, a cowboy introduces his extensive business ventures and tells the story of his success."

Asta Lynge (born 1988) and Jakob Ohrt (born 1986) are artists living in Copenhagen. They have collaborated on a number of projects exhibited at Vermilion Sands (DK), Cucina (DK), Sydhavn Station (DK) and as part of Hometown at Södermalmstorg (SE) curated by Coyote.