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Art and Luxury: an Art Initiative Course

As last year Art Initiative is offering bachelor students at SSE a course in art, aesthetics and business. In "Art and Luxury" artists and researchers will engage students in exploring new aesthetic/ethical dimensions of commerce, business and management.



One course, 18 days, 7 weeks.


Some questions we will be diving into are:

How do new luxury emerge?

How do Art and Economy interact?

Is luxury inspired by art and artists?

How can art influence capitalism in good ways?

How close is Managing and Curating in today´s worlds?

What have experts from Bain and Deloitte in common with Kant or Beuys?

Does the art connection open up to a re-designing of luxury – a re-definition of luxury to fit our deeper human needs?

Is art pushing luxury in the philosophical direction that helps us survive, hope and open up to life in new ways? In directions different from when luxury is energized by wealth? How could we make this visible?

The course is starring (some immediately and some mediately): 

Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramovic, Christo Javacheff, Jens Fänge, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mikael Olsson, Jessica Backsell, Jean Cocteau, Maria Miesenberger, Jenny Holt, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Astrid Birnbaum, Nora Arrhenius Hagdahl, Roberto Verganti, Amy Whitaker, Philippe Mairesse, Yves Habran, Claudia Schnugg, Thomas Bay, Lambert Wiesing, Tim Gilmore, Jenny Helin, Isak Nilson, Claire Holm Chow & Art Division, Daniel Birnbaum, Robert Stasinski, Lawrence Hillman, Michael Storåkers, Erik Wikberg, Birgitta Rubin, Cay Bond, Jesper O. T. Andersson, Marta Badenska Hammarberg, Jacob Engblom och Tora Wallander.

For more info: pierre.guilletdemonthoux@hhs.se