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Global challenges for the makers of the future

Sustainability is one of the four main concerns in the strategy of Stockholm School of Economics. Our global challenges courses aim at broadly educating students about urgent and large-scale problems of modern times, as climate change, accelerating environmental damages, or the risks related to global health, inequality or autonomous intelligence.

These courses represent a substantial change in the school’s largest program: the Bachelor program in Business and Economics, with about 300 students in each cohort, not only by introducing interdisciplinary content but also new methods to encourage self-reflection and taking responsibility for leadership in addressing these problems. It runs throughout the first two years with two mandatory courses. The first course aims at understanding global challenges at large whereas the second one addresses shifting, the transformation of the individual and the organization by means of relevant sustainability competencies. The ensuing elective course addresses impactful entrepreneurship for global challenges.

In 2013, SSE became a signatory of PRME, the UN initiative ”Principles of Responsible Management Education” (read more here). SSE was selected as one of the PRME Champions for 2018-2019 and is currently the chair of the PRME Nordic Chapter, leading with example both regionally and globally.  In 2017, Stockholm School of Economics was screened by the Swedish Higher Education Authority under the Swedish government in their first evaluation on sustainability in education in all Swedish universities. Only twelve of the 47 Swedish universities in the evaluation passed the test – SSE was one of them. More information can be found here.

The sequence is facilitated by funding from the Global Challenges foundation.