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Global challenges for the makers of the future

Sustainability is one of the four main concerns in the strategy of Stockholm School of Economics. Our global challenges courses aim at broadly educating students about urgent and large-scale problems of modern times, as climate change, accelerating environmental damages, or the risks related to global health, inequality or autonomous intelligence.

Global challenges pervade the early 21st century. Understanding their risks, and skillfully engaging with their opportunities in concert with others, means shouldering uncertainty in a way which benefits society at large. The FREE mindset acronym, alluding to being facts- and research-based, reflective and self-aware, empathetic and culturally literate, and entrepreneurial and responsible, encapsulates much of what it means to be a societal citizen in the position to take on global challenges in a way which makes a difference. The overall dictum of the Global Challenges Series is to inspire and encourage SSE students eventually to take on leading roles in such endeavors whichever professional positions are occupied. The Global Challenges Series hosts two mandatory, and one elective, course(s); Global Challenges I: Understanding (BE801), Global Challenges II: Shifting (BE802), and Impactful Entrepreneurship for Global Challenges: Acting (BE906).