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Broadened recruitment

At SSE, we actively work for increased diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion of everyone on all program levels.

Swedish Higher Education Act

According to the Swedish Higher Education Act, all higher education institutions have an obligation to actively broaden the recruitment to higher education.

Increasing the recruitment of underrepresented groups has been an important topic since the 1930s. The biggest challenge remains attracting students from non-academic households (often referred to as underrepresented social backgrounds).

SSE's definition of broadened recruitment

"For SSE, broadened recruitment means actively working towards increased gender equality and increased diversity of geographical background in Sweden and internationally, social background, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, and religion or other beliefs."

We have actively chosen a broad and extensive definition to emphasize the importance of all these areas at SSE. We have high ambitions and know that a great deal of engagement and persistence is required in order to succeed. As an institution, we are humble to the fact that we do indeed have a lot of work ahead of us. However, we are convinced that clear and ambitious goals are essential for our work with broadened recruitment.

Recruitment of underrepresented groups

SSE's work with broadened recruitment focuses on students from groups and areas that are today underrepresented at SSE. We have several collaborations and initatives for broadened recruitment, with one example being the student ambassador program. Within the program, Swedish and international secondary school and upper secondary school students are invited to the SSE's campus. The student ambassadors also visits a large number of Swedish schools every year.

One other example is our work with role models, such as alumni, where we highlight the diversity in interests, opportunities and career choices among our students.

Initiatives and collaborations

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager

In 2015, SSE employed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager with the overarching responsibility for working with these issues internally (students, staff, and faculty) as well as externally. Read more here.

Questions about broadened recruitment?

Do you have questions about SSE's work with broadened recruitment or suggestions for future collaborations? 

Contact Simone Westergård, Recruitment Manager BSc Programs, at simone.westergard@hhs.se