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Research houses

SSE currently has three research houses. These world-class research environments contribute significantly to the competitiveness of Sweden by addressing research topics of great importance to the future of Swedish academia and business.

The houses share a common ground in that they are world-class interdisciplinary research environments, producing relevant, top quality research and disseminating this knowledge through extensive outreach programs. The houses serve as an arena for actors across different fields to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas, thus bridging common barriers between the private, public and academic sectors.

The research houses of SSE strive to involve stakeholders in conversation, knowledge exchange and research to a higher extent than what is normally found at academic institutions. The houses also maintain extensive international networks for research collaborations, as well as employing many researchers with international backgrounds and previous positions at top academic institutions worldwide.

The core of a research house at SSE is an academic department, but the house also encompasses several other research centers, collaborations and educational activities. The House of Innovation is built in conjunction with the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, and the Swedish House of Finance is a joint venture between the Swedish government and the SSE Department of Finance.