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Fulsommar brinn

Fulsommar brinn, 2023, by the Swedish artist Jeff Olsson is screened in the atrium of SSE during March 2024.


A bulletin board, a campfire, a scull, a grave, a band, guitars, a hunter with a bow, a little bird. In Jeff Olsson´s one minute film Fulsommar brinn (roughly translated Ugly-summer burn) describes a boyish world: Boy scout adventures meet hard rock wilderness romance.Jeff Olsson works mainly with narrative drawing and uses traditional materials such as charcoal, graphite powder, pencils and paper.  

- I relate to my visual world as a place that I temporarily visit when I draw. With my drawing I search for landscapes and people. Not knowing who or what awaits is an important part of my work process. The content of the drawings almost always takes place at night, I am interested in the ambivalence that the night offers. Darkness can bring danger and discomfort, but there is also a kind of poetic potential in the indeterminacy.

Jeff Olsson was born 1981 in Kristinehamn, Sweden. He lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden and was educated (MFA) at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, between 2003–2008. 


Photo: Jeff Olsson, photo by Magnus Karlsson.