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Incubate members

The following startups are currently in SSE Business Lab as a part of the Incubate program.
The Ode To
Online Gallery

The Ode To is an online gallery that thoughtfully curates handmade and unique artworks made by predominantly female artists. Think of us as your eyes in the art world - we scout the most talented emerging artists around and gather them in an effortless and affordable gallery. The Ode To launched across the EU in spring 2018 by friends Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins.

Premium cap brand
Stiksen logo

Stiksen is a premium cap brand for the brave and creative ones who refuse to stay within the boundaries of dress codes. We offer caps that can be worn with any outfit – anywhere and anytime. Simply put; you be you, we’ll be your cap plug.

Coworking spaces

Places transforms underutilized city space into coworking spaces through the sharing economy. A Places membership gives you access to a network of coworking spaces in central Stockholm for a fraction of the going market price. We replace large and impersonal spaces with engaging workplaces where members can grow together - focusing on the “co” aspect of coworking.

Digital treatments with psychologists

Lägereld provides digital treatment through video calls with psychologists. They also offer a library of content related to mental wellness (video, podcasts and articles) curated by their psychologists in an inspirational and personal format. 

Lägereld is part of the public health sector in Sweden and can therefore provide subsidized prices - a video call cost 100 sek.

Fresh food produces healthy foods for young people

Färsking creates healthy foods for young people. Their vision is to enable the inner power in youth, and that starts with what you eat. If you eat good stuff, good stuff will happen. Their first products launched in the fall of 2018 and today they sell 3 flavors of Granola and 3 flavors of OatSmoothies in over 900 stores all over Sweden. The products are nutritious and completely without added sugar, sweeteners or other additives.


Platform for beauty product recommendations

Beaubi is your go-to platform for beauty product recommendations.They gather all skincare, makeup and hair care products to help consumers navigate through the extensive range of products on the market, see reviews, learn about ingredients and get inspiration from other users. By making information more easily accessible, they can make the fast-growing beauty industry more transparent and guide consumers to more conscious purchases.


Contact: jonna@beaubi.se

Intelligent systems for water in apartment buildings

Labtrino is developing intelligent systems for water in apartment buildings. Their first product, the CubicMeter™, is the world's first non-invasive water meter for multi-apartment buildings, using patented technology to measure water flow, mounted on the outside of the pipe. They analyse the flow data using machine learning, enabling not only information about total consumption and leakages, but also what devices that use the most water.With their plug and play solution, they eliminate otherwise expensive installation and increase water awareness.


Contact: Olle.Henning@Labtrino.com

Lending platform for agribusinesses

FoodFunder is a lending platform for agribusinesses. The platform provides a new and complementary source of financing for farmers. Lenders are offered an alternative and non-cyclical investment with positive impact on the environment and broader society. Together, borrowers and lenders contribute to a stable and sustainable food production for the future. FoodFunder aims to provide tailored financing solutions for agribusinesses and play an important part in solving the financing puzzle many farmers face. info@foodfunder.se

Astrid Wild
D2C outdoor fashion brand designed by women for women

Astrid Wild is a digitally native D2C outdoor fashion brand designed by women for women, on a mission to inspire women worldwide to live a happier and healthier life byspending time outdoors. We’re bringing diversity into the very traditional outdoor industry by offering a feminine, minimalistic design paired with functionality and a focus on the perfect fit for the female body. Our products are sourced and produced in Europe with sustainability in mind.



App for parents who want to monitor, understand and improve their baby’s sleep.

Founded by Swedish dads, Napper is an app for parents who want to monitor, understand and improve their baby’s sleep. Napper aims to bring technology to the baby scene and vastly improve the availability and accessibility of information for new parents. The Napper app is available for download on Appstore.


Contact : espen@napper.se

Price comparison platform
Panprices enables global e-commerce by aggregating all offers on products internationally. Consumers are empowered to find deals on products they are looking to buy up to 50% cheaper compared to the cheapest price in their country of residency. With a Pan-European overview, consumers are also able to find offers for hard to get products in a matter of seconds. Since launch in 2019, Panprices has helped thousands of customers.
Tool and platform for stress recovery
Logo company OMIT

An interdisciplinary team of stress researchers, designers and engineers have collaborated to create the OMIT INSTRUMENT. The innovation is an analogue tool and platform for stress recovery, experienced individually in short sessions.

Circular fashion brand
AWAN logo

A tech-driven and circular direct-to-consumer fashion brand creating a new generation of comfortable clothing for women, versatile enough to be used anytime and anywhere.

Analytics tool
Company logo Leanalyser

LEANalyser provides a self service analytics tool compatible for big data. The tool is suited for any business who is in need of analysing large quantities and does not require any previous analytical expertise.

Team Together
Donation solution for e-commerce
Team Together logo

Team Together enables e-commerce shoppers to, with their online purchases, donate to their charity of choice without paying extra.

AI-powered cloud platform
Scrintal logo

Scrintal is an AI-powered cloud platform that helps researchers save time and improve their productivity when transcribing and analyzing interviews. It has been developed with the help of researchers addressing their key needs.

Madden Analytics
SaaS platform

Madden Analytics offers a B2B SaaS platform for shared data & analytics between consumer brands and retailers, that helps minimize overproduction, reduce missed sales from stock-outs and streamline brand-reseller collaboration.

Online platform

Bemlo wants to improve working conditions and create industry transparency for doctors and nurses in healthcare staffing. They do this through an online platform, like Glassdoor, that enables professionals to review their employers, read public procurements, salary statistics and receive job offers from the best staffing agencies.

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