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Incubate members

The following startups are currently at SSE Business Lab as a part of Incubate. The Incubate program serves as a launching pad for startups that have recently launched their prototype and are focusing on commercialization.
Funding platform for African startups
Bantaba logo

A digital platform connecting African Startups with talent and funding in the African diaspora.

Biosphere Intelligence
Sustainability training at scale
Biosphere Intelligence logo

World-leading sustainability training at scale, using the latest progress in EdTech and AI

Sustainable grocery deliveries.
Boxxy logo
Making home delivery of groceries sustainable.
Virtual office

A virtual office that reimagines remote work and the flow of in-person collaboration. See, talk and co-work without links, with just one click.

Pay-per-article solution
Chip logo

The pay-per-article solution that fixes it once and for all.

B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging.
Circulate logo
Sourcing platform and B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging.
Alternative solution for rental

Replacing the commercial rental deposit with an insurance alternative, that unlocks capital for the tenant and gives the landlord better protection, creating a win-win situation.

Digital solution for maritime documentation
Fleetm8 logo

The comprehensive digital solution for documenting maritime events.

B2B service for clinics to deliver protocols

Delivering functional medicine in a cheap digital format. Functional medicine improves health with diet and lifestyle changes. Holo is mainly a B2B service used by clinics that want to deliver their protocols in a digital format.

AI platform for equity firms to make better decisions

An AI powered platform that helps Private Equity firms make better decisions based on the data they already have in all their research files but do not know.

Online provider of renewable heating & cooling

A digital, full-service provider that removes consumer friction in the booming market for renewable heating & cooling. The Klimio platform and business model makes the switch easy and affordable for homeowners.

Nilo Collaborations
Facilitating better meetings
Nilo Collaborations logo

A digital collaboration platform for facilitating better meetings.

Bringing Web3 to the Nordics
Norn logo

Prepares and supports pioneers, creators and creatives with building, establishing and growing their communities in Web3 through NFT:s.

Simplifying software development
Polytope logo

Flexible software development platform helping development teams simplify their digital infrastructure.

Sales solution
Ripe logo

Letting salespeople send out personalized sales assets to their leads and then help get people connected via video to kick-start the sales process.

Personalised fertility support
Tilly logo

Personalising fertility support across physical and mental pain points.

Your Beet
A personalized plant based nutrition app
Your Beet logo

A personalized plant based nutrition app connecting all players in the plant based ecosystem to make it super easy for millions of people worldwide to eat more plant based foods, for their health and the health of the planet.

Water in Sight
Understand water using mobile phones.
Water in Sight

Understand water using mobile phones.

A perfect daily mix of vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and spices
1-Fits-All logo

A perfect mix of vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and spices in a simple daily packaging, offered on subscription through online channels