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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which connection does my startup need to have to the Stockholm School of Economics, for me to apply to SSE Business Lab?

At least one member of the team needs to be a current student, alumni or member of the faculty/staff of SSE.

2. I have an SSE affiliation but my startup is not enrolled in any of SSE Business Lab's programs, can I still get help?

Yes, we offer Open Coaching Meetings. In these 45-minute meetings, a member of our team will give you feedback on your idea, advise on next steps, and help with resources and contacts. Read more and book a meeting here. Book a meeting here. 

3. I have an idea, how do I know if it is compatible with any of SSE Business Lab's programs?

Book an Open Coaching Meeting, and we’ll help you figure that out.

4. Can I get access to co-working space at SSE Business Lab without being part of any of the programs?

No, the co-working space is reserved for members and alumni startups of SSE Business Lab.

5. I am the only founder, can I apply anyway?

No, we only accept teams into our programs, which means you need to be at least two co-founders. As a single founder, you can still sign up for an Open Coaching Meeting, however.

6. Does SSE Business Lab accept ideas within the industry my venture operates?

Yes, we are industry agnostic, and accept ideas which meet our criteria regardless of the industry. The only exceptions are pure consulting/service firms, venture capital firms, and ideas that don't abide by the SSE Business Lab ethical guidelines (eg. no alcohol or betting ventures etc.)