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SSE Business Lab Partnership Network

The Partner Network at SSE Business Lab gives our entrepreneurs access to powerful tools and perks during their time in our programs.


SSE Business Lab has a network of more than 50 active partners offering complimentary products or consulting hours to support our startups. The resources provided by our partner network exceeds 15 MSEK, giving our startups a welcome boost in their growth journeys. Reach out to our Partnership Manager for more information.

For our entrepreneurs, the partnership network means powerful resources to get their companies off the ground. Scroll down further to see some examples of the perks currently offered.

For our partners, the main perks of being a part of the network include qualitative lead generation and future revenue streams, keeping up to date with the startup scene, marketing, and PR benefits. We accept up to 40 new startups to our programs each year and arrange seminars, workshops, Demo Days, and partner events.





A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive automates agreements-based business processes with solutions powered by electronic signatures and identity verification to drive customer experience and data quality.

Customers in over 40 countries, many in highly-regulated industries, trust Scrive for secure and compliant customer onboarding, financing agreements, car rentals, sales and procurement processes, KYC checks, recruiting and more. Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence attached to each signed document. And Scrive was the first provider to use blockchain technology to digitally seal every document to tamper-proof it, making it possible to verify the integrity of each document independently of Scrive, now and for the future.



Stockholms Borgerskap

Stockholms Grosshandelssocietets main focus is to support entrepreneurship in the greater Stockholm area. Grosshandelssocieteten grant travel stipends to the next generation of members in Stockholms Borgerskap and to the students at the Stockholm School of Economics, as well as to support historic maritime and shipping in Stockholm. Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet is a foundation within Stockholms Borgerskap. 

Stockholms Borgerskap is a member organization, formally endorsed in 1619 and during the centuries the members have contributed to Stockholm in several ways. The focus of today is charity and to give entrepreneurs and business leaders a broad network. 



Rouse logo

Rouse is an intellectual property services business that offers a range of IP services, including protection, management, and enforcement. Their global consultancy services specialize in technology companies and brand owners. With experience and relationships in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Rouse can provide especially valuable insights for SSE Business Lab startups looking to expand globally.




Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a platform for all founders at any stage to reach their next milestone through personalized technical tools and business resources. Founders can get started on the platform in minutes and gain free access to the technology and support that’s critical to turning dreams into life-changing products.



P.e Accounting.png

PE Accounting challenges the way companies view accounting today. They offer one of the most automated ERPs in the market, in combination with a dedicated accounting team supporting when a human touch is needed. The effects for their over 2 000 customers and 25 000 users are clear: better decisions and less friction, by having 100% control of the economy in real time.

They are a fast-growing SaaS company combining systems with a passionate service delivery. Founded in 2010, the company has grown to almost 200 million SEK in revenue (2023) where 85% of the revenue is subscription-based. The growth is organic and without external venture capital, where all profit has been re-invested back into the business. They have received the DI Gasell award for consecutive six years and they are a value-driven company based on their core values of joy, responsibility, unpretentiousness and curiosity!


Dangor Associates PNG Logo

Dangoor Associates, a boutique legal advisory firm, is a trusted partner of both SSE Business Lab and SSE Ventures, providing invaluable legal counsel. With a seamless integration of legal and investment advice, Dangoor Associates is unwavering in their commitment to offering the highest level of expertise and guidance.

By virtue of their partnership with our incubator and its venture fund, Dangoor Associates exemplifies their commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, making a significant impact on the startup ecosystem. Through their expert legal advice, Dangoor Associates plays a vital role in supporting the growth and success of SSE Business Lab and SSE Ventures.


Supporting Partners

Commerce 8.pngExparang.png

KEKST (JKL).pngLexly.pngWorkaround

imagerzy8c.pngRecuroSalt.dev-logoSvalner Skatt & Transaktion Logo

Our supporting partnerships & their offering:

Adviser Partner: B2B Sales Consulting

Offer: Adviser Partner provides ongoing coaching for Business Lab companies in B2B sales, sharing industry-specific insights to develop effective sales strategies. This includes direct B2B sales coaching, optimizing processes, offering, identifying target audiences, and refining methodologies. Additionally, they offer negotiation tips for interactions with investors, suppliers, and partners.

Advokatfirman Carthiel: business law.

Offer: 20 hours of free consulting services for Business Lab companies in the Activate program. Includes legal advise within business law, mergers, raising capital, etc. 


Amazon for start-ups: tech infrastructure & start-up program.

Offer: $5K AWS credits. These credits can grow up to $100,000 USD (according to milestones and partner affiliation) for AWS services from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and AI, data lakes and analytics, and IoT.

Aprello: financial reporting.

Offer: Get 50% off on your annual report. Aprello makes its easy to create and submit your annual report digitally to Bolagsverket.


Arc Group Consulting: Managment Consulting within Asia.

Offer: Arc offer strategic advisory within market expansion, sourcing, production, financing, partner search and much more within Asia. Arc also have a dedicated ESG team to ensure full compliance of all their clients Asian operations. Operational improvement and compliance are also key areas of their expertise, ensuring businesses operates efficiently and adheres to all regulations. Offer to Business Lab companies: 15 hours free consulting within any area.


Avskalat: team building consultancy.

Offer: 10h of free coaching per team: team-building, leadership, coaching.

Bambora: payment solutions & payment services.

Offer: Free access and discounts


Boarda ROPA: e-learning within strategy, risk and information.

Offer: Free access to the BOARDA e-learning platform with digital advisory services within strategy, risk and information

BNP Paribas: corporate finance consultancy.

Offer: 10h of free consulting services - The bank provides comprehensive corporate finance advice to start-up companies, covering various aspects such as business planning, capital structure advisory, fundraising strategies, optimal positioning for potential investors, and structuring the board of directors.


Blue Hands Digital: digital marketing consulting.

Offer: 10h of free consulting within digital marketing, performance marketing, social media marketing, growth hacking.


Boardeaser: digital management tool.

Offer: Free access to tool.


Break-IT: Sweden's news site about tech companies and startups.

Offer: Business Lab alumnis & companies can register up to four premium accounts with a 80% discount. This subscription includes unlimited access to Breakit Premium's articles, in-depth reports, exclusive corporate data, updates on new stock issues, and personalized newsletters across various tech and finance topics. Subscribers also benefit from a 15% discount on all events and receive invitations to exclusive Breakit Sessions.


Calcey: software development services.

Offer: 10% discount on these rates to members of the network.


Circulate8: business consultancy.

Offer: 1 hour of free consultancy and 10% off circulate products.


Codepole: tech consultancy.

Offer: 15 free hours of consulting on building your MVP. No recruitment fees and three months free of admin, office and HR costs on your first recruitment when expanding your tech team with Codepole.


Complior: tech consultancy.

Offer: Four separate 2-hour consultations that cover various topics such as protecting encryption keys with a HSM, managing cryptographic keys with KMS, securing SaaS services and sensitive data in public cloud services using KMS, and protecting data and infrastructure with encryption keys via KMS or HSM.


Devskills: tech recruitment.

Offer: 25% off any Devskills plan. Hire qualified developers faster at lower costs.


Docsend: document sharing platform.

Offer: Get up to 90% off DocSend.


Encore: back-end development plattform.

Offer: Free use of Encore for 6 months, with 1:1 support, and 2-hour hands-on coaching with founding team (Senior ex-Spotify Engineers and Product Managers).


Exparang: recruitment platform.

Offer: Free usage of the platform to source and match candidates for your vacant key positions.


Gazzine: PR services.

Offer: 1000 kr discount.


Github: code hosting platform.

Offer: GitHub Enterprise free for one year and 50% off in year two


Google Clouds For Start-upstech infrastructure & start-up program.

Offer: Receive up to $100,000 USD in Google Cloud credits the first year, and Year 2 receives an additional 20% up to $100,000 USD in Google Cloud credits. $12,000 USD in Google Cloud Enhanced Support credits for one year. As well $200 Google Cloud Skills Boost credits for online courses and hands-on labs, 12 months of free Google Workspace Business Plus for new signups, $200 usage every month at no charge on Google Maps Platform, and more.


Guestit: rental services.

Offer: 50% discount on commission for renting out apartments for Business Lab members (15% commission instead of 30%) and 10h free consulting within marketing optimization.


Head Agent: HR & Recruitment

OfferStart-ups looking to hire or find early employees have the opportunity to post their job ads on Head Agent's website and Linkedin to extend their reach, and receive 15 consultancy hours for free within executive search, talent acquisition, and strategic advice regarding salary compensation.


Hedqvist & Loosme: leadership & communication consultancy.

Offer: Free 30 minutes call for sales pitch counseling regarding your start-up. 50% discount as a start-up at SSE Business Lab on individual training and half-day workshops.


Hubspot: CRM software.

Offer: 90% off HubSpot’s Marketing Starter, Pro, and Enterprise software, and HubSpot Sales Starter and Professional software for the first 12 months, and 50% off for the next 12 months (average savings: $17,000). Startup Onboarding with tech set-up, dedicated strategy consulting, and round-the-clock support.


Jobbsprånget: internship program.

Offer: Jobbsprånget finds a full-time intern with an academic degree for our start-ups in the incubate program.


Kaptena: Legal Tech & Capital insurance for unlisted companies.

Offer: Kaptena provides specialized services for entrepreneurs and investors in unlisted securities through "Kapclear," "Kapsure," and "Kapnet." Kapclear helps manage a company's securities, Kapsure offers tax-efficient investment opportunities, and Kapnet connects a network of investors. Together, these services support the growth of unlisted companies and offer benefits like free access to Kapclear for Business Lab start-up companies up to 15 shareholders, expert capital acquisition advice, and tax guidance within insurance, particularly catering to SEE Business Lab's incubator companies


Kekst CNC: communications & PR consultancy.

Offer: 15h of free consulting services in communications & PR.


KnowIT: tech consultancy.

Offer: Offer 2.5 hours of mentorship meetings free of charge/Pro-bono. After the pro-bono meetings, and with 20 hours of meetings for 450kr/h, or full-time trainees pro-bono for 3 months. 2 hours free consultation + 1 hour search support for recruitment platform.


Lexly: legal tech.

Offer: Free access to tool. Includes free templates, free access to phone support for legal questions related to the templates.

Lime Technologies Sweden
: CRM software.

Offer: Free access to Lime Go licenses for 9 months. After that period 199 kr/month/user. 50% on all addons.


Litigium Capital: investment management & financial consultancy.

Offer: 4 hours of free consulting on how to maximize the value of their business while minimizing the potential for disputes.


Lucytech: tech recruitment.

Offer: 20% discount on 1-3 remote software developers.


MDriven: software development tool.

Offer: 10 hours of consulting for free. Within these hours founders should be able to prototype, develop, and launch their initial MVP.


Miro: digital collaboration tool.

Offer: $1,000 credit for the Miro Team Plan.


Mixpanel: analytics platform.

Offer: This partnership grants you 50 K USD in Mixpanel credits to use on the Growth or the Enterprise plan for 12 months. As a special bonus for SSE Business Lab, companies that join the Mixpanel for Startups program will be invited to attend exclusive webinars and events related to analytics. Startups Community on Slack to connect with other founders, the Mixpanel team, and access resources to help make the most of Mixpanel.


MongoDB: database platform.

Offer: Receive free credits, valid for 12 months, for MongoDB products (including Atlas and Realm) to ensure that you have a flexible, scalable data foundation to build on.


Most Studios: brand, web, and product design services.

Offer: 5 hours of free consultation. Most Studios offer services such as brand strategy and visual identity, website production, and product strategy, UX, UI, and rapid prototyping.


New Glue: branding software.

Offer: 20% off logos and pro-plan for 3 months.


Notion: productivity software.

Offer: $1,000 off their Team Plan.


Nova Talent: talent acquisition platform.

Offer: Get a free 1-month subscription on their platform to find top talents.


Nvidia: Tech & GPU.

Offer: Business Lab companies leverage their AWS, Google, or Microsoft credits to use NVIDIA's GPUs for cloud computing at discounted rates. You'll also receive complimentary credits for self-paced training from NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute, known for its quality AI education. Access NVIDIA's Developer Forums for technical support and community engagement. Connect with other startups, investors, and industry experts at exclusive events. Additionally, benefit from co-marketing support through NVIDIA's marketing channels.


O+x: tech consultancy.

Offer: CTO mentorship, tech advisory, engineering consultancy (first 40 hours free). Ox have exeperts within front-end and backend, platform architecture, mobile development for iOS and Android, React Native, infrastructure management, DevOps, cloud solutions, data engineering, data science, and machine learning capabilities.

Opus: co-working space platform.

Offer: 6 months free membership on Opus platform.

Oxceed: accounting software.

Offer: Free access to tool for 1 year, and free onboarding. 50% off year 2 with a cap of 10.000kr.

Pleopayment solution software.

Offer: Free access to their starter pack, built for up to three users, and 10-15 hours free pro-bono consulting services.


PwC: audit & accounting consultancy.

Offer: 15h of free consulting services. Audit & advisory services in tax, ESG, finance. Taxation of companies and owners, valuation techniques, accounting matters, balance sheet for liquidation purposes, new establishments or capital raising, specialists available to provide assistance in mentioned topics, additional services include auditing, personal taxation, and VAT assistance.

Recuro: pricing strategy & growth partner.

Offer: Recuro help companies grow sustainably with recurring revenues, through our leading expertise in subscription business models. The offer consists of one 1-on-1 3 hour workshop with the dedicated Recuro team. During this session, Recuro will deep dive in your business, customers, products and work closely with you to enhance your B2B SaaS pricing strategy and formulate a comprehensive plan for long-term, sustainable growth.

Following this initial consultation, Recuro will continue to dedicate additional hours to deliver a detailed white paper that outlines the optimal pricing & growth strategy for your company.


Retail & Properties: retail brokers.

Offer: One free ”property search”. They help companies find and establish retail and office spaces.


Salt.dev: IT-development consultancy.

Offer:You can apply to get a team of 3 developers free of charge for full-time for a one month. After the inital trial-period, you can hire developers on a monthly basis at a discounted price.


Scream: Marketing.

Offer: 15h of free consulting services within marketing. Scream focus on B2B marketing, marketing communication, analyzing the current marketing strategy, positioning, branding issues.


Seventyone Consulting: product management consultancy.

Offer: 10 hours of free coaching within product ownership, leadership, and change management.


Simply: web-hosting.

Offer: 2 years of free hosting at Simply.com with any product ranging from their smallest package, Basic Suite, to their largest web hotel package, Enterprise Suite.

Skoviktravel software.

Offer: Free usage during 3 years for 5 first users.

Start-up Toolslegal tech.

Offer: Free access to PRO-account for 6 months, and 2h free consulting. Get access to standardized term sheet, shareholders' agreements, employment agreements, NDAs, guides & more.

Stripe: payment Provider.

Offer: 200 000 SEK Stripe Credits. Discounted Stripe Atlas incorporation.


Svalner: tax & transaction advisory firm.

OfferSvalner is an independent tax and transaction advisory firm, is integrated with WTS Global, the largest independent international tax network globally. The firm offers a diverse range of services, including transaction tax services such as tax due diligences and structuring, along with specialized advice in income tax, indirect taxes, and valuations tailored to corporate needs.

Business Lab companies are entitled to 15 free hours of service, offering advanced tax strategies like depreciation optimization, global personal tax expertise, M&A tax consulting, and transfer pricing models. These services also include expert VAT guidance, deep knowledge of excise taxes and customs, and independent valuation for various transactional and tax-related scenarios.


Synch Law: law firm.

Offer: Free access to contracting tool WeSynch Contract. WeSynch Contract is a service to startup businesses and contains templates and information to give your startup a head start.

Syntax Terror: tech consultancy.

Offer: 2 hours of free technical advisory.

: merchandise.

Offer: 20% discount on first orders over 15.000 SEK.

Twillio: Segment: back-end analytics tool & start-up program.

Offer: $50,000 in Segment credits that last 1 year, and additional year of credits if you still qualify, then a year at a 50% discount, then 1 year at a 25% discount. Access to Segment dealbook of over $1M in other software deals. Access to their dealbook of over $1M in other software deals.

: law firm.

Offer: 16h of free consulting services. Includes: 4h basic business law and 12 h continuous legal advice.

: accounting Software.

Offer: 1 year free of Visma, possibility for another 1 year extension.


Vindex: recruitment Software.

Offer: Free recruitment ad package: Monster, Blocketjobb, Stepstone, Omni, Aftonbladet, Netjobs, Recruit, Jobsafari, Vindex.


Voice Machine: voice-over service.

Offer: 50£ discount on first order.


WeKnowIT: tech consultancy.

Offer: 2 hours free consultation and 1 hour search support for recruitment platform, free recruitment and discounts on projects.


Yogafolks: health & wellbeing.

Offer: Free access to B2B yoga, both on demand and weekly scheduled sessions.