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Activate members

Current startups in SSE Business Lab Activate program.
Platform for housing deposits
logo ebie

EBIE replaces the need for deposits, an archaic system which creates exclusion for tenants and requires effort by landlords, with a more sophisticated way of satisfying the need for deposits. EBIE works as a middleman, offering the reassurance landlords want and giving tenants access to affordable housing without the need for a deposit.

Vegan leather e-commerce
leconery logo

Leconery is an e-commerce and consultancy focusing on sustainable vegan leather products, such as shoes, bags, jackets, accessories and more. Their values are sustainability, cruelty-free, innovation and design.


QLVR provides flexibility in the housing market through a PaaS-solution, sign up to all housing queues in one place!

Tools for digital nomads
logo digmak

Digmak aims to provide the basic tools for digital nomads in terms of taxation and bring along with it an easier access to understanding the international regulations.

Platform for online gamers

Joynr is a matchmaking platform which allows online gamers to find teammates based on individual preferences through a website and smartphone based search engine.

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