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Latest Activate members

The following startup teams are currently at SSE Business Lab as a part of Activate. The Activate program is an intense 8-week acceleration period where teams get hands-on support while they test and validate their business ideas.
Cay Collective
Marketplace uniting independent creators offering handicrafts with buyers seeking unique and affordable home decor, art, and fashion
Cay Collective logo

Cay Collective is a platform for carefully selected creators who sell unique and handmade art and artwork. We are an inspiring community where the creator stands in focus. Our mission is simple yet profound: to connect talented artists with potential customers seeking one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

Short-term financing solution enabling small and medium-sized enterprises (SME:s) that lack access to trade credit, to obtain goods, sell them, and pay back at a later time
Daifin logo

Daifin provides an easy to use short-term financing solution for SMEs to buy goods from abroad. We pay up-front the suppliers and enable them to pay us back at a later time. This frees up their capital and allows them to choose their optimal inventory sizes.

Allowing AI agents to easily interact with the internet, locally or remotely, reducing token costs and increasing speed
Dendrite logo

We build a suite of tools that any developer or custom GPT builder can use to interact with websites, without the headache of having to set up a headless browser, DOM parser, etc. Our grand vision is to build an "Action Engine" that allows AI agents to efficiently index the entire internet's available actions.

Disability Rebel
Platform making it easier for people with disabilities to shop for products and services tailored to their needs
Disability Rebel logo

As the starting point for disability, Disability Rebel makes it easy for people with disabilities to shop for products and services which are tailored to their needs. Our marketplace provides a seamless experience for consumers while opening up a new sales channel for providers. Disability Rebel is unlocking the market potential in the disability space.

Automated AI platform that efficiently generates and automatically evaluates exams
Gradr logo

Empowering educators and students, we integrate cutting-edge technology into the educational framework to enhance productivity. By automating the grading process and illuminating knowledge gaps, we enable teachers and students across all levels to reclaim valuable time and accelerate their learning. (Formerly known as SmartScore.)

Hangry People
Sustainable and innovative snacks
Hangry logo

Here are the innovative hangry warriors! With our groundbreaking snacks, we serve up efficient solutions for regular nutrient intake. We advocate for consistent eating habits to boost productivity and foster a harmonious relationship with food. With enticing packaging design and sustainability at the core, we redefine snack time for a healthier future, helping individuals become their best selves!

App allowing people to share their electric vehicle chargers, making the transition to electric vehicles easier
PowerMate logo

PowerMate provides a platform which allows people to share their electric vehicle chargers. Together with its members, PowerMate makes charging electric vehicles possible on more locations, at a lower price, than previously possible.

Revive Retail
B2B plugin solution that promotes circularity by enabling retailers to quickly and effortlessly enter the resell market
Revive Retail logo

Revive Retail helps retailers and brands to fast and frictionless make a profitable bussines model in the booming second-hand market. The solution is integated at the retailers existing site, is plug and play and has a higher profit margins than tradiditional linear sales.