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Ideate is a ten-week program where students get together to form teams and business ideas working to solve global challenges.

Get your entrepreneurial journey started

The Ideate program gathers students with a passion to address global challenges through entrepreneurship. You apply as an individual, and during the program you will meet like-minded people as driven and entrepreneurially oriented as you are. With the support from SSE Business Lab, you will be inspired to create new ideas and ultimately to form your team and business idea. The program runs for ten weeks with weekly sessions at the Stockholm School of Economics.


Be inspired by and learn from successful entrepreneurs

In the Ideate program, you get to learn from the best. SSE Business Lab invites guest speakers who share their knowledge and expertise from the hands-on experience of building some of Sweden’s most successful companies and well-known brands. You will also hear from successful investors, sharing their insights into what they look for when deciding to commit to a startup.

The speakers in the next program are Willard Ahdritz (Kobalt Music), Lisa Lindström (EY Doberman), Björn Öste (Oatly) and Elsa Bernadotte (Karma).


Get the right tools for the early days of your startup journey

With over 200 alumni companies like Klarna, Voi and Budbee, SSE Business Lab has a proven track record when it comes to nurturing the success stories of tomorrow. Now you have the unique opportunity of accessing the same expertise and knowledge which all of these 200+ companies have enjoyed, from the very first day of your venture building. Each workshop will cover a topic crucial to the success of any early-stage startup.


Odessa Testimonial Ideate

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have an idea/a team - can I apply anyway?

Yes, you are the perfect person to apply! As long as you’re interested in building a team and an idea during the program – you’ll fit right in.

I can’t attend x number of workshops. Should I apply anyway?

If you already know that you won’t be able to join one or more workshops, keep an eye out for the next Ideate program and join that one instead.

What are the next steps after the program?

If you find a team and idea you enjoy working with, and see potential in continuing with, you can apply to join the Activate program.

Are there any requirements to keep working with the team we created after the program?

No. The program is meant to inspire new ideas and bring you together with people as driven and entrepreneurially oriented as you are. If you end up building a startup with your team – great, if you find other people in the program you want to start a team with – great, if you just leave with a bunch of new friends – that’s also great.

How much time do I need to commit to participate in this program?

The program has weekly sessions, and each session is 60-90 minutes. How much time your team, which you form during the program, commits to your idea outside of this time is entirely up to you. However, to move forward with your idea between each session, you should probably expect to work at least 5-10 hours a week with it.

What will I learn in the program?

The topics covered in the four workshops are ones which are relevant at the very earliest stage of venture building. These topics include building minimum viable products, finding problem-solution fit, making an analysis of the competitive landscape, and putting together a pitch deck.

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