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Ideate is a ten-week program where students from KTH and SSE get together to form teams and business ideas working to solve global challenges.

About the program

Ideate is a program where students from SSE and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology interested in entrepreneurship get together.

You apply as an individual. With support from KTH Innovation and SSE Business Lab, you will be inspired to form teams with diverse skillsets and create business ideas working to solve global challenges.

The program runs for ten weeks with weekly sessions at the Stockholm School of Economics and KTH Innovation's premises.

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Quick info

When? The application deadline is Wednesday, February 28. The program then starts Thursday, March 14.

Where? In person at the Stockholm School of Economics and KTH Innovation's premises.

Who can apply? Current students of the Stockholm School of Economics and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Alumns who graduated in the fall of 2023 are also eligible.

What's included in the program? Five workshops covering different topics, guest lectures with invited entrepreneurs, and a pitch session with feedback from an expert jury. The teams also have access to business coaching from both SSE Business Lab and KTH Innovation.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply without an idea or a team?

Absolutely! If you're keen on forming a team and idea during the program, you're an ideal candidate.

What if I can't attend certain workshops?

If you know you'll miss some, consider joining the next Ideate instead. The Fall 2024 program will be marketed on this page and our social media channels.

What happens after the program?

If you bond with a team and an idea, you can seek continued support from KTH Innovation and/or SSE Business Lab. Many graduates have joined the Activate program and KTH Innovation's pre-incubator.

Any examples of startups from Ideate?

Of course! Here's a selection:

  • Agteria Biotech, a revolutionary feed additive with the ability to slash methane emissions by over 70%
  • Tidings, an news app helping users navigate information overload
  • Asentio, an AI text analysis tool that's 400x faster than GPT-4

Must we continue with our team post-program?

No obligation. Whether you form a startup, join another team, or simply make new friends – it's all positive.

How much time is needed for the program?

The weekly sessions last 90–120 minutes. Outside of that, expect 5–10 hours weekly for your idea. How much time your team commits to your idea outside of this is entirely up to you.

What will the program teach me?

The five workshops focus on early-stage venture topics: team building, crafting minimum viable products, problem-solution fit, understanding competition, and creating a pitch deck.