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Handels x Mejan

Art Division launches Handels x Mejan: an exhibition in four parts with four newly graduated master students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (also known as Mejan in Sweden) at the SSE Campus. The exhibition is curated by the students in the SSE student organisation Art Division, and will take place on campus (Sveavägen 65) between April 19 and June 30.


Handels x Mejan is a collaborative effort between SSE and newly graduated students from the Royal Institute of Art. The works in the exhibition are selected by SSE Art Initiative and Art Division based on topics and artistic expressions that we think are contemporary and will resonate well with current events and thus, today’s students. Art talks will introduce SSE students to up-and-coming artists who, like our students, are to embark on professional lives. Art Talks will take place within the SSE Bachelor course on Art & Luxury. They aim at giving business students insight into the life of a young artist. What is an artistic process? How do young artists think? How docurrent events impact processes, methods and the themes?

Art talks will be held April 20, 15-17, and April 21 15-17, on zoom. Links on tins link. Open for all.

Handels x Mejan 2021:

Marta Badenska Hammarberg´s video I Have a Friend (2021), on the big screen in the atrium, April 20 to May 15 (still from the video above).

Jacob Broms Engblom´s installation, video and sound Triggered and Blue-pilled (2021), In the corridor outside the auditorium (the stone chair), April 20th to May 24.

Jesper O.T. Andersson´s sculpture SET/SÄTT (2020), in the atrium, April 25 to May 23.

Tora Wallander´s video I’m Thinking About This Whole World; Clouds Below, Space Above (2020), on the big screen in the atrium, May 16 to June 30.

By this first 2021 edition of Handels x Mejan we hope to initiate an annual show in cooperation between Mejan and SSE students.

The 2021 edition is curated by by Claire Holm Chow, David Magnusson, Stina Stjernqvist, Ingrid Törnkvist, Douglas Bengtsson and Erik Luo.

Art Initiative & Art Division