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Handels x Mejan 2024

For the fourth year the students in Art Division are launching Handels x Mejan: an exhibition with four newly graduated students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (also known as Mejan) at the SSE Campus. The exhibition is curated by the students in Art Division, SSE (also known as Handels), and will take place on campus (Sveavägen 65) from May 7 to May 30.


The annual Handels x Mejan exhibition hopes to illuminate the often underestimated intersection of art and business, fortering connections, communication, and inspiration for a diverse audience..

In this year’s fourth edition of Handels x Mejan the overarching theme is Dynamic Questions.

"Art isn't about providing all the answers, but rather asking the right questions. These questions spark reflection, and they give us the power to shape our world. That’s why questions are dynamical!
Artists participating in the exhibition are challenged to reveal a central question they want their artwork to provoke in viewers. This question becomes a bridge, inviting the audience to delve deeper into the artist's message and fostering a powerful connection."

Participating artists in Handels x Mejan 2024:

Anna Heymowska

Aron Agélii

Lisa Forslund

Carl Henry Ek

Curators: Clara Prander, Nicolò Zoratti, Emil Tallberg and Lovisa Andersson. Photo: Lingzi Tang