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Experiments in Art and Capitalism: an Art Initiative book series

Welcome to explore SSE Art Initiatives book series Experiments in Art and Capitalism, published by Sternberg Press and distributed by MIT Press, Artdata and Les Presses du Réel.

From an economic perspective, art has traditionally been regarded as an instrument: artists an art are seen as an investment or factor of production that can be exchanged for something else. This publication series begins by exploring the intentional in art rather than the instrumental. How can we account for art without reducing it to its components or effects? 

The first three volumes in this series account for experiments by the Stockholm School of Economics Art Initiative that took place between 2015 and 2020. 

The books consider art´s insider status within capitalism and ask: Can art and artists provide critisism and leverage for desired change in this economic system?

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The next step in SSE Art Initiative’s inspiring intellectual journey is a series of publications gathering important thinkers and artists. In the first volume, you can take part in thought provoking experiments in art and capitalism and find out if art is an object or not.

Sara Arrhenius, Vice Chancellor at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

SSE Art Initiative brings together art, business, and philosophy in a way that is vibrant, relevant and meaningful and underlines art’s ability to fertilize and influence society.

Gitte Ørskou, Director of Moderna Museet