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Art excursion to Carl Eldhs ateljémuseum

Join Art Initiative for a late afternoon at Carl Eldhs ateljémuseum on Wednesday September 13. We will experience Ingela Ihrman´s exhibition Miss Brunnsviken - and the artist will be present!

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 22.34.39.png

Remember Ingela Ihrman´s The Toad from the big screen from last fall? Now we have the chance to meet Ingela and her art again, and togeher with the artist experience her exhibition Miss Brunnsviken (pictured above) at the beautiful Carl Eldh´s ateljemuseum - a 20 minute walk from SSE.

Time: September 13 at 18.15

Sign up here (seats are limited, first come...)

We meet outside the museum at Lögebodavägen 10 Sept 13, at 18.15.

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 22.35.08.png

The Carl Eldh ateljemuseum.

Art Initiative