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Books and Book Chapters

Below the most recent books and book chapters by the faculty are listed.

Books and book chapters

Ahlgren, P.-C. & Lind, J., (Forthcoming). Økonomistyring i interorganisatoriske relasjoner– et nordisk perspektiv, Praktisk økonomi & finans.

Graaf, J. & Borell, A. (2021) Excel för Ekonomer, Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden.

Hjelström, T. (2021). Accounting and Sports. In Managing Sports Teams (pp. 237-260). Springer, Cham.

Almqvist, R., Graaf. J., Jannesson, E., Parment, A. & Skoog, M. (2020) Boken om Ekonomistyrning, 3e Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden.

Almqvist, R., Graaf. J. & Parment, A. (2020) Boken om Ekonomistyrning: Övningsbok med lösningar, 3e. Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden.

Bengtsson, A., Lind, J. & Pahlberg, C., (2020), The business network approach. In: Eriksson-Zetterquist, U., Hansson, M. & Nilsson, F. (Eds.), Theories and perspectives in business administration, Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden

Björkman Nyqvist, M., et al. including Cederbeg, E., Nilsson, H., Reuter, M., Strömsten, T. (2020). Sustainability, Covid-19 and staying focused on the longer term: A pandemic that strikes unequally and can prevent sustainability investments. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 290-300.

Carlsson-Wall., M. (2020). Sports and creativity: introducing a model for paradoxical decision-making in times of crisis. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 380-387.

Carlsson-Wall, M., Lindqvist, G., Rosengren, S., Werr, A., & Wijkström, F. (2020). Sweden through the crisis. Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research.

Carlsson-Wall., M., & Mårtensson, P. (2020). Educational hybrids: The importance of physical arenas to engage all senses. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 510-521.

Carlsson-Wall, M., & Newland, B. (2020). Blockchain, sport, and navigating the sportstech dilemma. In 21st Century Sports (pp. 205-218). Springer, Cham.

Dong, T., Nilsson, H., Tylaite, M. (2020). Auditor assurance and credit institutions: How auditors can contribute to high-quality credit decisions. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 150-154.

Dzielinski, M., & Eugster, F. (2020). Perceptions about quarterly earnings: Rhetorical differences comparing Sweden and the USA. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 158-162.

Goretzki, L., & Kraus, K. (2020). Blancing diagnostic and interactive control systems: In uncertain times, Chief Financial Officers and business controllers are more important than ever. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 134-139.

Hartmann, F., Kraus, K., Nilsson, G., Anthony, R., & Govindarajan, V. (2020). Management Control Systems, 2e. McGraw Hill.

Hjelström, T., & Sällström, T. (2020). Debt accumulation and the value chain: Who will help whom in a post-COVID-19 recovery with massive debt? In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 112-122.

Ivanova, M. (2020). Corporate risk management and Covid-19: When the unexpected happened, some companies were better prepared than others. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 142-145.

Richtnér, A., & Carlsson-Wall., M. 2020. The future of executive education: Co-creating industry development. In: Sweden through the crisis, pp. 532-540.

Westelius, A. & Lind, J., Painting the relevant organisation, (2020) In: Nilsson, F., Petri, C.-J. & Westelius, A. (Eds.), Strategic management control, Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 31-43.

Ahlgren, P.-C., Lind, J. & Nyland, K. (red)., (2019), Styring av samarbeid i offentlig sektor, Bergen: Fagbokforlaget.

Andersson, H. and Hellman, N. (2019). Analysis of changing regulatory conditions, new accounting policies and the global financial crisis: the case of Swedish banks. In Krivogorsky, V. (Ed.), Institutions and Accounting Practices after the Financial Crisis: International Perspective, Routledge

Goretzki, L., Weber, J., & Zubler, S. (2019). Controller roles. In Behavioral Controlling (pp. 145-157). Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden.

Hellman, N., Tagesson, T., Öhman, P., & Grönlund, A. (2019). Principbaserad redovisning. Studentlitteratur.

Hellman, N., Tagesson, T., Öhman, P., & Grönlund, A. (2019). Principbaserad redovisning. Övningsbok. Studentlitteratur.

Carlsson-Wall, M., Håkansson, H., Kraus, K., Lind, J., & Strömsten, T. (Eds.). (2018). Accounting, Innovation and Inter-Organisational Relationships. Routledge.

Lind, J., (2018), Ekonomistyrning i nätverk, I: Nilsson, F. & Olve, N.-G. (red), Controllerhandboken 11 utg., Stockholm: Liber, 151-175.

Baraldi, E. & Lind, J., (2017), Value measuring and value appropriation in industrial networks, In:

Håkansson, H. & Snehota, I., No Business is an Island: Making Sense of the Interactive BusinessWorld, Bingley, UK: Emerald, 47-66.