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Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of high level executives within the Swedish sports community.

The advisory board of the Center for Sports and Business consists of senior managers from our partner sports. The board meets 2-3 times per year, helping the Center to identify practically relevant topics for research and providing support for our outreach activities so that we can foster innovative dialogues between academia and practice. 

Members of the Advisory Board

 Håkan Sjöstrand, General Secretary Swedish Football Association

Håkan is the General Secretary of the Swedish Football Association since November 2015. Previously, he has been marketing director for ICA Sweden, and business area manager for Svenska Spel.

 Mats Enquist, CEO/General Secretary Swedish Elite Football 

Mats Enquist is the CEO/General Secretary of Swedish Elite Football since January 2012. He is also Honorary Chairman of PGA of Sweden, Member of the Board of European Leagues, and Vice President of Svenska Golftourerna. Previously, he served as Secretary General for the Swedish Golf Association.

 Lena Engström, COO Swedish Elite Football 

Lena Engström is the COO of Swedish Elite Football since March 2019. She is also CEO of Sport Entertainment Factory AB, Member of the Board of Swedish Classic Circuit. Previously, she has worked as project leader at the Swedish Equestrian Federation, and, among others, COO at Swedish Trot Racing.

 Daniel Johnson, Head of Strategy and Innovation Swedish Football Association

Daniel Johnson is the Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Swedish Football Association since November 2019. Before, he worked as Business Controller at the Swedish Football Association. Previously, he held roles at EuroMaint Rail, Veolia Transport, Novartis, Svenska Spel and EF.

 Jenny Silfverstrand, CEO Swedish Hockey League 

Jenny is the CEO of the Swedish Hockey League since October 2020. Before, she has been the CEO of Djurgården Hockey and also had a role as event manager in the same club. Previously, she worked as project manager at Beta Event and ICE Management.

 Robert Larsson, COO Swedish Hockey League 

Robert is the COO of the Swedish Hockey League since August 2021. He is also Owner and Consultant at La Direction, and Senior Business Advisor to the Center for Sports & Business. Previously, he worked as Client Director Sport at SSE Executive Education, and in different roles for the Swedish Sport Confederation for over 12 years. Robert has also done the Management Diploma for Athletes Program (MDA).

 Peter Reinebo, CEO Swedish Olympic Committee

Peter is the CEO of the Swedish Olympic Committee since 2013 and also part of the Board of SOK. He has been part of the Swedish Olympic Committee since 1995, having served as assistant sporting director and sporting director from 2000. He has also worked at SISU and been a basketball coach, among others, for Sweden women's national basketball team.

 Gunnar Håkansson, General Secretary Swedish Golf Association

Gunnar is the General Secretary of the Swedish Golf Association since April 2008. He previously worked for Dagab, Axfood and Vivo.

 Annica Lundström, General Sports Director Swedish Golf Association 

Annica is the General Sports Director for the Swedish Golf Association since January 2015, where she also works as national change agent with Vision 50/50. Further, she is vice chairmain of Örebro Läns Idrottsförbund. Previously, she has been the Club Director of Örebro City Golf for 23 years. 

 Maria Croon, CEO Swedish Trot Racing 

Maria is the CEO of Swedish Trot Racing since September 2019. She is also Member of the Board for Chefsakademin and Chairman of the Board of Hippson AB. Previously, she has been Member of the Board of Marknadsföreningen Stockholm and Owner of Agendus AB, among others. 

 Annika Tjernström, General Secretary Swedish Equestrian Association

Annika is the General Secretary of the Swedish Equestrian Association since August 2017. Before, she worked as HR director at Eskilstuna Municipality as well as Head of External Relations at Mälardalen University, among others. 

 Ola Strömberg, General Secretary Swedish Skiing Association

Ola is the General Secretary of the Swedish Skiing Association since May 2016. He is also the Co-Founder of AB Coachgruppen, Board Member of Nextstory as well as Founder of Stromberg Strategy, Culture and Health Consultancy AB. 

 Tommy Eliasson Winter, Alpine and Skicross Director Swedish Skiing Association 

Tommy is the Alpine and Skicross Director at the Swedish Skiing Association since June 2018. Before, he was Alpine Director and Sport Director Ski Cross at the Swedish Skiing Association. He is also Board Member of No More Boots, Swedish Skiing Association Events, Swedish Skiing Games as well as World Championship Region. 

 Bo Sköld, General Secretary Swedish Parasport 

Bo is the General Secretary of Swedish Parasport since March 2022. Previously, he has been the General Secretary of the Swedish Hunters' Union (2012-2021) and the General Secretary of the Swedish Outdoor Association (2006-2011). 

 Mathias Kemi, Board Member Swedish Parasport 

Mathias is Board Member of Swedish Parasport since May 2019. He is also Member of the Board and Partner at Athletic Work Sverige. Previously, he has been Board Member of Stockholm Icehockey Federation, and worked in different positions at Scandic Hotels for over 17 years. 

 Staffan Movin, Chairman A Swedish Classic 

Staffan Movin is the Chairman of A Swedish Classic since 2011. He is also a managing director at Marketing Technology Center, President of the Swedish Mass Participation & Sport Event Association, as well as Program Director for KTH Executive School AB. Previously, he has been President of Lidingöloppet and Partner at Exido International and Timebrand, among others. 

 Michael Thorén, CEO A Swedish Classic 

Michael is the CEO of A Swedish Classic since 2010. Previously, he has been responsible for Motala Idrottsgymnasium for 16 years. Before that, he worked as a sports science teacher at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and IFHS Bosön.