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We contribute to women's representation in sport. Our aim is to diversify speakers and thought leadership. Women's perspectives must be included on every agenda. The list serves as a valuable resource for sport summit and conference organizers, journalists, academia, and the wider sports business.

COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY is a collaboration with the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Weatherhead Centre at Harvard, dedicated to amplifying women’s voices in the global sports business and academia.

We strongly believe in fostering women’s valuable perspectives and strive for equal opportunities and greater diversity within the sports ecosystem. We, together with our international network of academics, executives, and athletes are dedicated to raise VISIBILITY for women in sports and to diversify speakers and thought leadership by increasing the number of women speakers at conferences, summits, and in media. By engaging, learning, and elevating one another, we create a network that has the power to surpass current barriers women are facing in this industry. We achieve this goal by creating a joint list that profiles women and which will be shared with organizers, media, academia, and the wider sports community upon request.

Together, let's reshape the landscape of global sports business and create a more inclusive, equitable future for all. Become a part of COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY today and join our list of women speakers!

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Our History

COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY was founded by Vanessa Åsell Tsuruga in 2023 with the reasoning that women’s perspectives must be included in current sport thought leadership. She created a list which grew organically through self and peer nominations on LinkedIn. The goal was to gather 1000 speakers in 100 countries by the 2024 Paris Olympics. We reached it 282 days ahead of schedule!

To serve conference and summit organizers better, a team at Center for Sports and Business at Stockholm School of Economics is currently building the list out to a more extensive and user-friendly resource. Women in sports will be able to profile themselves as speakers by entering their personal details.

Searchable fields will include name, language(s) spoken, applicable categories that best describe their affiliation to sports, such as Athlete, Legal & Compliance, and Media & Broadcasting, social media accounts, organization or affiliation, and a short bio. Speaking topics and preferred speaking roles, such as keynote address, roundtable, or panel discussions, are included, as well as links to former speaking engagements.

The list will bring visibility to women’s speakership and thought leadership at summits and conferences worldwide. The user-friendly format will improve the search results for speakers.

You can find it here.

In March 2024, we announced a collaboration between COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY, the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard. Together, we aim to create even more visibility, across and beyond borders.


For COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY to further grow and develop, we need your engagement! Together, we will create a powerful network of industry leaders and change-makers committed to advancing women in sports. Together, we will drive impactful change and foster a more inclusive sports ecosystem. Together, we create COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY.

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Speak about our COLLECTIVE VISIBILITY with your friends, colleagues, and your wider network. Global awareness is the first step toward growth and success. If you want to know more about us, you are in the right place! Feel free to browse this website and read about our history and accomplishments.


Build a network by engaging with our LinkedIn posts and joining our events. Make sure to tag @CollectiveVisibility in your posts so we can engage with you! Use the hashtag #CollectiveVisibility to be visible within our community!

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Join our list of women speaking about sport! Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and other women speakers to join this movement! Using the list, conference and summit organizers and media representatives have easier access to a diverse pool of talented women speakers so that lack of visibility or accessibility will no longer be an excuse for exclusion.

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Feature our women speakers in your media line-up and tell their stories. No matter if you are producing a podcast, interviews, or other kinds of media productions, with our list you will find the perfect fit for your next project!


Increase the diversity and relevance of your next event by inviting our women speakers. Whether you are organizing a panel discussion or a conference, you can filter through our future list based on location, languages spoken, and areas of expertise. This ensures the inclusion of expert women speakers who contribute quality and perspective to your event.