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Center for Consumer Marketing

Thank you for visiting the Center for Consumer Marketing's (CCM) site! Our mission is to address the needs of students, academics, industry, and society for research and education concerning consumer behavior issues.

CCM (formerly known as the Foundation for Distribution Research) was established in 1981 as one of the departments of the Stockholm School of Economics.

We define our task as developing knowledge about how marketing-related activities (e.g., advertising, packaging, store environments, salesperson behavior, and service robots) influence consumers’ emotions, cognitive reactions, and behavior. Typically, our research activities comprise experiments, because we believe that experiments are particularly well-suited to handle influence aspects.

CCM is a research center at SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research. The SIR Foundation is a national research institute for the economic sciences, with a focus on Business Administration in the broadest sense. 

Test your consumer knowledge!

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