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Center for Forecasting and Data Analytics

CFDA is a center focusing on the analysis of various type of data using methods and models of statistics, econometrics, mathematics, and computer science

The data that are analyzed range from surveys (small data, say) to very large data sets (big data) including marketing and retail big data, micro/macro data, and financial data. CFDA research will focus on extracting (high quality) information and pattern recognition in data. Such research gives valuable insights in economics, finance and business administration while establishing new models and hypothesis to be tested. Such research is also useful for decision making at various levels in organizations. CFDA will emphasize the communication of findings and results rendering a broad outreach.

CDFA is closely connected to the Center for Data Analytics (CDA) at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). CFDA is meant to work as an engine for enabling CDAs missions in terms of research. CDA and CFDA will provide research expertise in areas such as:

  • Prediction and forecasting
  • Big data analysis
  • Quality of data analysis
  • Measuring sustainability
  • Econometric theory

CFDA is a research center at SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research. The SIR Foundation is a national research institute for the economic sciences, with a focus on Business Administration in the broadest sense.