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The construction of the employable migrant.
Key words: inclusive recruitment process, employment, high skilled migrants.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Viktor Vesterberg and Sofia Nordmark.

Leading in times of Covid-19.
Key works: real time experience leaders, pandemic, Covid-19.
Researchers: Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, Ingalill Holmberg and Pernilla Bolander.

The role of the chair of the board.
Keyword: strategic leadership.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg and Ingela Sölvell.

Managerial leadership, identity and work.
Researchers: Pernilla Bolander, Christina Björklund and Ingalill Holmberg.

Organizations and the Integration of migrants: the intersection of ethnicity and class.
Researcher: Miguel Morillas

Beyond leadership: the leader/follower relation.
Researchers: Katja Einola, Mats Alvesson and Susann Gjerde

Enchantment, entrapment and exit: the metamorphosis of an Investment Banker.
Researchers: Katja Einola, Zahira Jaser and Mats Alvesson.

Previous projects:

Responsible global business: norms, ideas and evolving leadership practices.
Researchers: Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, Ingalill Holmberg, Johan Stein and Anna Romberg.

Leading Cultural Diversity Ethically.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Charlotte Holgersson, Sara Louise Muhr, Annette Risberg, Katharina Pilhofer, Lotte Holck and Julie Lorenzen. 

The hidden side of Cross-Cultural Management.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Charlotte Holgersson and Pia Höök

Ideals and conceptions of leadership in contemporary organizations.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg and Staffan Åkerblom.

Process of inclusion and exclusion in the information society.
Researcher: Ester Barinaga.

Swedish culture, leadership and organizational practices in an international perspective.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg and Staffan Åkerblom.

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