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Beyond leadership: in search of new venues.

Keywords: leadership, followership, leadership studies, relational leadership, process study, critical management studies, authentic leadership, methodology, ethnography
Researchers: Katja Einola, Mats Alvesson

Innovation driven business development and board leadership.

Keyword: strategic leadership.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg, Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg and Ingela Sölvell.

Managerial leadership, identity, and work.

Key words: 
Researchers: Pernilla Bolander, Christina Björklund and Ingalill Holmberg.


Responsible organizations

Human Challenges at workplace in an era of AI.

Keywords: AI, HRM, technological change, robots, big data
Researchers: Katja Einola and Violetta Khoreva

The construction of the employable migrant.

Key words: inclusive recruitment process, employment, high skilled migrants.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Viktor Vesterberg and Sofia Nordmark.

Organizations and the inclusion of skilled migrants.

Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion, consent
Researcher: Miguel Morillas

Migrants' integration in EU countries: the MERITA project

Keywords: Societal views on integration, regime of worth for inclusion
Project coordinator: Laurence Romani

Social capital and the labour market inclusion of young adult humanitarian immigrants

Keywords: social capital, labour market inclusion, youth, humanitarian immigrants, decolonial scholarship, tourism industry

Project coordinator: Natalie Anita Bye

Enchantment, entrapment and exit: the metamorphosis of an investment banker


Project team: Katja Einola, Zahira Jaser and Mats Alvesson.

Teamwork as an activity.

Researchers: Mats Alvesson & Katja Einola


Previous projects:

Leading in times of Covid-19.
Key works: real time experience leaders, pandemic, Covid-19.
Researchers: Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, Ingalill Holmberg and Pernilla Bolander.

Responsible global business: norms, ideas and evolving leadership practices.
Researchers: Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, Ingalill Holmberg, and Anna Romberg.

Leading Cultural Diversity Ethically.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Charlotte Holgersson, Sara Louise Muhr, Annette Risberg, Katharina Pilhofer, Lotte Holck and Julie Lorenzen. 

The hidden side of Cross-Cultural Management.
Researchers: Laurence Romani, Charlotte Holgersson and Pia Höök

Ideals and conceptions of leadership in contemporary organizations.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg and Cecilia Åkerblom.

Process of inclusion and exclusion in the information society.
Researcher: Ester Barinaga.

Swedish culture, leadership and organizational practices in an international perspective.
Researchers: Ingalill Holmberg and Staffan Åkerblom.