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Center for Retailing

Retailing plays several roles in contemporary society. The retail industry offers ample employment opportunities and plays an important role for the economy. Through retailing, consumers not only gain access to products that meet their basic needs, but also those that help them achieve their aspirations and fulfill their desires.
Center for Retailing sets out to be an academic world leader for industry collaboration and thought leadership in retailing.
Sara Rosengren
Head of Center for Retailing

Center for Retailing (CFR) sets out to be an academic world
leader for industry collaboration and thought leadership in retailing. CFR envisions to be at the vanguard of business school education and research, contributing future leaders and impactful science-based insights that benefit the future of the retail industry. By attracting world class faculty, students, and corporate partners, we contribute to the future competitiveness of the retail industry as well as retail as an academic field.  

CFR brings the best of science to the world of retailing. Through scientific teaching and research, we strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish retail industry and bridge the gap between academia and business practice. To achieve this, our research should offer novel insights into contemporary challenges in retail. 

CFR’s close links with the retail industry enable us to stay at the forefront of retailing thought and practice. Our corporate partners are regularly invited to discuss research needs and ongoing projects. This enables us to quickly identify research needs and access real-life data from retailers. Still, our academic freedom allows us to independently challenge established wisdoms and status quo. This ensures high managerial relevance as well as academic rigor in the research conducted at the center.  

Retail Club Activities

The Retail Club provides an opportunity for students and companies to get to know each other and exchange experiences, primarily through joint activities such as workshops and company visits.
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Center for Retailing
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