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Welcome to Center for Retailing

Retailing plays several roles in contemporary society. The retail industry offers ample employment opportunities and plays an important role for the economy. Through retailing, consumers not only gain access to products that meet their basic needs, but also those that help them achieve their aspirations and fulfill their desires.

Today, the retailing industry is experiencing a period of fast-paced change. In the past decade, digitalization has taken center-stage, but now and in the future retailers can and must take part in creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Retailers will need to adapt to both technological changes and global challenges to remain competitive as businesses and relevant to society at large. To meet this challenge academic insights will be critical. At Center for Retailing, the Stockholm School of Economics and the Swedish retailing industry have joined forces to address these issues head on and to be at the vanguard of academic inquiry.

Center for Retailing sets out to provide high-level academic education in retailing, supported by world-class research and close collaborations with the retail industry. Our vision is to be an established member of the top tier European business schools and to be recognized as a global benchmark for industry collaboration and for thought leadership in retailing. Through our teaching, research, and industry collaboration we strive to develop the future of retail.

Welcome to the Center for Retailing.


Sara Rosengren
Head of the Center for Retailing