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Center for Retail Studies

CFR is a research center focusing on academic studies of the retail industry. The center is interdisciplinary and welcomes researchers from several different academic disciplines as long as the empirical focus is on retailing.

CFRS is closely connected to Center for Retailing (CFR) at the Stockholm School of Economics and benefits from CFR’s close links with the retail industry. More specifically, the links enable us to stay at the forefront of retailing thought and practice and quickly identify contemporary research needs. The links also enable us to access real-life data from actual retailers. Still, our academic freedom allows us to independently challenge established wisdoms and status quo ensuring high managerial relevance as well as academic rigor in the research conducted at the center.

CFRS is a research center at SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research. The SIR Foundation is a national research institute for the economic sciences, with a focus on Business Administration in the broadest sense.