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CFR Research School in Retailing


• Purpose: to strengthen retail research both nationally and internationally. The aim is to build a foundation for both academically and practically relevant retail research.

• Four PhD courses covering a broad range of retail topics, delivered by top-level researchers. All courses are intertwined with a number of industry collaborations (Business Collaboration Events). This provides the research school with a focus on not only theoretically relevant research, but also on practically relevant research that can strengthen retailing in society.

• The research school lays a foundation for a network of researchers, including PhD candidates, alumni, faculty and practitioners. In 2018, 25 PhD candidates from 16 universities in eight countries participated in the first edition of the research school. 

• Program director, Prof. Sara Rosengren, Center for Retailing, SSE. Co-Director, Angelica Blom, Post Doc, Center for Retailing, SSE.

Application deadline has passed. Individual courses will be open 2-3 months in advance based on availability.

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