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(2019) Örjan Sölvell held a keynote speech with the title "Clusters and Disruption" at the conference CLUSTERING 2019 in Valencia, Spain on the 23rd of May.

(2017) Redefining Financial Services Through Technology -Initial findings from the First InsTech and RegTech Report. Presented on Future of Banking Conference by Finextra, November 16th, 2017.

(2015) Örjan Sölvell participated in, and gave a presentation about: “Konkurrenskraftiga kluster i Norden” at the conference Ett kunskapsbaserat Norden organised by the Norwegian Swedish Chamber of Commerce (NSHK). You can download the presentation here

(2014) Örjan Sölvell gave a breakfast lecture at Hjärntrusten on October 27th in Lund, Sweden. The slides of the presentation are available here: Kluster – Framtidens innovationsmiljöer

For presentations by Robin Teigland on Social Networks, Social Media, and Virtual worlds, please visit her site on slideshare.

(2013) Örjan Sölvell gave a lecture at the Swedish National Cluster Conference on March 14th in Borlänge, Sweden. The slides of the presentation are available here: Borlänge 2013 Sölvell.pdf

(2012) Christian Ketels, Göran Lindqvist and Örjan Sölvell nominated best speakers from plenary sessions at the last TCI conference. Read more about it here.

(2012) Örjan Sölvell and Göran Lindqvist were invited by the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication to give a presentation on innovation, regions and clusters on Friday, November 23rd, 2012. The presentation, presided by the Minister herself, Ms Anna Lööf, was part "National dialogue with regions" conducted by the Ministry. The slides of the presentation (in Swedish) are available here: Presentation Näringsdep 23Nov2012.pdf

(2012) Robin Teigland was a speaker at the kikoff of CCARE (Center for Compassion and Altruism Research) at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm in the beginnng of September. Presentation slides are available here.

(2012) Robin Teigland held a keynote presentation about the virtuale future of PhD education at European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) Annual Meeting and General Assembly 2012 in Uppsala, Sept. 2-4. Presentation slides are available here.

(2012) Robin Teigland was a speaker at ESOF 2012: The Virtual Future of Healthcare in Dublin, on July 14.

(2012) Robin Teigland was a panelist with among others Mr Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs, at the The Stockholm Internet Forum on Internet Freedom for Global Development on 18 April.  Watch a video of the session here.

(2012) Örjan Sölvell acted as moderator when the Stockholm region presented a new innovation strategy for 2020. Click here for more information about the day and to watch a video presentation with Örjan Sölvell (in Swedish). Documentation from the meeting.

(2012) Örjan Sölvell held the presentation ” Kluster + innovationer är sant – men hur överbryggar vi innovationsgapen i kluster?” at Nationella klusterkonferensen in Gävle, 23 February. Presentation slides (in Swedish).

(2011) On the 7th of December Örjan Sölvell held a presentation about “Organising Clusters for Innovation” for national ministries and regions of Sweden at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in Stockholm. See the presentation slides (in Swedish).

(2011) Christian Ketels presented the Baltic Development Forum State of the Region Report 2011, in Gdansk, Poland, on 25 October 2011. Watch the presentation here!

(2011) At the conference "Clusters as Drivers of Regional Competitiveness: Strategic and Policy Issues" Christian Ketels held a keynote session on “Achieving Competitiveness – What Role can Cluster Initiatives Play?” and Örjan Sölvell a keynote session on “Innovation and Clusters”, Fribourg, Switzerland, 25 March, 2011. Program (pdf).

(2011) See Robin Teigland’s presentation at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference, March 2011. Presentation

(2011) Robin Teigland held a presentation about viritual worlds at the NHH-Symposiet 2011, Bergen, Norway, 16-17 March. Watch the presentation.

(2010) See the video of a presentation that Christian Ketels gave in Tallinn on Estonian Competitiveness/Economic Strategyhere.

(2010) Watch a video of Robin Teigland's presentation at the Good Morning 2020 conference, November 2010. Video.

(2010) At the Open Days 2010 conference Göran Lindqvist presented the European Cluster Observatory (page 31) and Örjan Sölvell gave a presentation on "Organising Clusters for Innovation" (page 45), Brussels, Belgium, October 2010. Proceedings.

(2010) Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results - Watch a video of Robin Teigland’s presentation at Internetdagarna, October 2010. Video.

(2010) Christian Ketels' presentation of the Nordic Globalization Barometer 2010 at The Nordic Globalisation Forum, Snekkersten, Denmark, May 20, 2010.

(2010) Robin Teigland’s slides on the use of virtual worlds in education for her presentation to the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, Dr. Tobias Krantz, in Stockholm on 5 May 2010.

(2010) Robin Teigland’s slides from her TEDx presentation on virtual worlds in Stockholm in April 2010. Watch the presentation.

(2010) Robin Teigland’s slides from her presentation for the Swedish Public Transportation Association’s nationwide series of ThinkTanks in April 2010.

(2009) Robin Teigland’s slides from her presentation, Learning in 3D: Bringing a new dimension to enterprise learning and collaboration at Online Education Berlin – 15th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training in Berlin, Germany in December 2009.

(2009) Robin Teigland’s slides from her talk Disappearing Boundaries: The Interplay between Virtual Worlds and Real Worlds in an International Context (Keynote speaker), 2009 NEON – Network for Organizational Research in Norway Annual Conference in Kristiansand, Norway on 20 November 2009.

(2009) Robin Teigland’s slides from her presentation, “Virtual Worlds, Real Money” for Estrad - Open Lectures on Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Stockholm in September 2009. A video of the talk (in Swedish) can be found here.

(2009) Robin Teigland’s slides from her Creativity and Innovation through Social Media and Networks talk for ETD 09: European Training and Development Summit 2009 in Barcelona, Spain in September 2009.

(2009) Robin Teigland’s slides and talk Virtual Worlds: A Platform for Commerce and Collaboration at the New Ventures and Leadership in Virtual Worlds Conference at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas in April 2009 as part of the Panel, A Platform for Commerce and Collaboration, The video is here.

(2009) Örjan Sölvell's slides (in Swedish) on the SSE PhD Programs for his presentation to the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, Mr Lars Leijonborg, on 12 March 2009.

(2008) Örjan Sölvell's slides for the Regional Programme of Innovative Actions (RPIA) seminar "Lisbon 2010: Challenges for European Regional Innovation Strategies" at Pamplona on 20-21 November 2008.

(2008) The slides for Örjan Sölvell's presentation at the 4th Competitiveness Clusters Forum at Sophia Antipolis, France on 13-14 November 2008.

(2008) Örjan Sölvell's presentation from the 11th Annual TCI Conference in Cape Town, South Africa 27-31 October 2008.

(2008) Örjan Sölvell's slides from the Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week 15-18 October 2008.

(2008) Örjan Sölvell's slides from the SLIM-project seminar in Gävle 9 October 2008.

(2007) The slides by Christian Ketels with the results for Sweden from the Global Competitiveness Report 2007.

(2007) The slides for the seminar by Örjan Sölvell and Göran Lindqvist from CSC & IIB at Stanford (Scancor) on the topic "Why is EU Competitiveness Lagging? Comparing Geographical Specialization Patterns of Industrial Activity Across Cluster Categories", October 2007.

(2007) Örjan Sölvell's presentation entitled "Four Dimensions of Clusters & Cluster Policy" for the lecture in the National PhD Course "Research Frontiers in Contemporary Economic Geography" at Uppsala University, August 2007.

(2007) Örjan Sölvell's keynote presentation "Clusters and international competitiveness" for the conference on "Clusters Linked over Europe--Regional Innovation Strategies for Cluster Internationalisation and Competitiveness" held in Tartu, Estonia, April 2007.

(2007) Örjan Sölvell's keynote presentation "Regionerna och globaliseringen" held at the Swedbank conference "Vårt ekonomiska läge 2007", in Globen arena, Stockholm, March 2007 (in Swedish).

(2007) Örjan Sölvell's presentation for the Stockholm-Uppsala University Network (SUUN), "Forskningsklustret Stockholm-Uppsala i ett europeiskt perspektiv", March 2007 (in Swedish, co-authored with Göran Lindqvist and Sergiy Protsiv).

(2007) Christian Ketels' presentation at the Handelshochschule Leipzig about Regional Competitiveness as a video (in German), February 2007 (link currently unavailable).

(2006) Christian Ketels' presentation entitled "Strengths and Weaknesses in the Baltic Sea Region", presented at the seminar on "Mutual and Common Identity in the Central Baltic Region", at Espoo, Finland, December 2006.

(2006) Christian Ketels' EIBA 2006 presentation: "Microeconomic Foundations of Competitiveness and International Business".

(2006) Göran Lindqvist's EIBA 2006 presentation: "Cluster Initiatives: A survey of collaborative organisations turning clusters into policy".

(2006) Örjan Sölvell's EIBA 2006 presentation: "European Competitiveness and Clusters-A framework".

(2006) Christian Ketels and Örjan Sölvell "Clusters in the EU-10 New Member Countries", Valencia.

(2006) Örjan Sölvell, "Cluster Analysis Mapping", Valencia.

(2006) Örjan Sölvell, "Multinational Corporations and Clusters".

(2005) Christian Ketels, "ScanBalt Competence Region: Creating Value between Biotech Clusters".

(2005) Christian Ketels, "Cluster Mapping in Europe and the United States".

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