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Other reports with contributions

Christian Ketels is co-author of a book on the cluster policy in Catalonia: Clústers i competitivitat: el cas de Catalunya (1993-2010) (pdf),  2010 (in Spanish).

See the Green Paper on cultural and creative industries by the European Commission's DG Education and Culture: Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries, 2010, where the Priority Sector Report: Creative and Culture Industries by the European Cluster Observatory is quoted.

See the final report on Automotive Clustering in Europe (ed. Gerrit Stratmann and Gergana Dimitrova) 2008, with a preface by Christian Ketels

See the final report by the European Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry Experts Group on Service Innovation in Europe, "Fostering Innovation in Services", March 2007. Professor Örjan Sölvell was a member of the Experts Group.

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