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Application process


Call for Applications is open:

September 18, 2023 to October 18, 2023.

Students expected to arrive to stay at one of the Foundation’s Residencies in January 2024 for thesis writing in spring 2024.

A complete application should be written in English and include: 

1. Completed application cover sheet 

2. Project plan 

3. Curriculum Vitae 

4. Certified list of completed courses with grades 

1. Application – cover sheet 

Advisors and contacts 

The mission must be carried out in Nigeria and at least four weeks must be spent in the field at one of the Foundation’s residences: in Lagos or at the Ecology Green Farm in Ikise. 

The scholarship program requires the participation of an advisor or main contact person in Nigeria. They can be a representative of Nigerian authority, a local researcher / university teacher, NGO, local artist, or contact person at the organization you are going to work with or similar. 

2. Project plan

• Date of fieldwork of at least four weeks of continuous stay, note that the preparation discussions and risk assessment is mandatory before departure. 

• Information for contact person (s) in the project country (may be provided by the Foundation). 

• Project description, 3-4 pages: 

- Purpose and description of the issue/topic to be studied, including its development relevance to the UN Agenda 2030 

- Subject-specific theory connection and relevant literature in development research 

- Question(s) 

- Methods of data collection, processing, and analysis 

- Proposal for an alternative approach that presents the most critical part of the planned thesis and how the applicant intends to handle this 

3. Other information 

Travel and Risk Assessment/Code of Conduct 

The scholarship holder should complete a mandatory Travel and Risk Assessment provided by the Foundation prior to departure and further preparation material upon arrival at the residence. 

Supplementary country information is provided during the course. Adequate health is a requirement. 


The report must at least correspond to what is required for a degree project at the Stockholm School of Economics. An approved report must be submitted to SSE (att: Elizabeth Briggs/Scholarships) no later than one month after the visit. 

In brief, the necessary conditions for being considered for a scholarship are as follows: 

• that the entry requirements are met 

• that there is a detailed and realistic project plan for the field visit 

• that the applicant has a supervisor in Sweden for the assignment 

• that the applicant has a main contact(s) in Nigeria or at the residence where the assignment is carried out 

• insurance coverage for duration of the stay 


If you have any questions, please contact Scholarships at: scholarships@hhs.se 

Applications schould be sent to Elizabeth Briggs at Education Office via the same e-mail (above).