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Ylva Snöfrid

From the Eyes of the Painter, An Outdoor Performance Ritual


Performance Ritual May 28 to June 7, 2018, weekdays at 12.00-15.00

Stockholm School of Economics, At the Entrance, Sveavägen 65

The result will be a permanent installation in the SSE aula, inaugurated during fall 2018.


SSE Art Initiative is very proud to present an outdoor performance ritual by the internationally renowned Swedish artist Ylva Snöfrid. The result will then be a permanent installation in the aula of SSE, to be inaugurated during fall 2018. This work is made possible by Michael and Alexandra Storåkers. 

Swedish artist Ylva Snöfrid, who previously went by the name Ylva Ogland bases her artistic practice in the painting process and its connection to her life. Formerly, the artist’s name was Ylva Ogland. For many years, Ylva brought Snöfrid into the world through rituals and ceremonies, through objects and publications, through food and elixirs, through painting her again and again and again, until they were finally merged into one.  

In this first part, the viewer can see the artist painting daily between 29th May and 7th June outside the main Entrance at Stockholm School of Economics. The second part will be a permanent installation in the aula at the Stockholm School of Economics, inaugurated during fall 2018. 

This work relates to a work in Athens, The Painter's Studio in the Shadow World, that is ongoing since 2016. It consists of around 100 paintings and pieces of furniture and this experiment will soon be open for the public. This Gesamtkunstwerk is sprung from a relation to Courbet's work The Painter's Studio: A real allegory summing up seven years of my artistic and moral life, a gigantic painting that was refused by the conventional salon in Paris year 1855. His paintings warped perspectives as a source of expression and the role of the artist. In the same manner Ylva Snöfrid creates situations where artist and viewer enter a very public relationship, all the while in total control by the artist at the centre of attention. Power dynamics change, and the artist becomes a riddle that cannot be answered, only viewed at a safe distance. 

Ylva Snöfrid, who was born in Umeå in 1974. Her practice is based in painting, and centres on the painting process itself and the life of the artist. At CFHILL, she will be showing an extensive performance piece. Her most recent solo exhibitions in Sweden was at Bonniers Konsthall in 2015 and CF HILL in 2018.

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