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The education at the department of management and organization is broad in nature, to be of value to students regardless of future career choices and industries.

Our education aims to foster students’ managerial and leadership skills. Key to achieving this is a mixture of theory, practice, skills and reflection. The education is built on a strong foundation of a diverse set of management and organization theories. We put these theories in practical use, through a focus on Live Learning, where students spend time in organizations dealing with real problems. Skills training is integrated into many of our courses, such as presentation skills, teamworking skills and project management skills. Finally, we aim to foster leadership skills through students’ critical reflection on their own learning.

Executive MBA

The Department of Management and Organization plays a leading role in the SSE MBA Program. The majority of the faculty members in the program are from DMO. The SSE MBA is a program in General Mangement. It is a small and exclusive program that prepares participants to take on new leadership challenges. It stands for real learning, broadened perspectives and professional development with impact.

The SSE MBA is delivered in an executive format, designed to enable workingmanagers and professionals to combine work and studies. It gives participants a chance to learn more and simultaneously apply what they learn while providing a benefit and return to their sponsoring organizations. Read more about the program.

SSE Business Lab

The department is responsible for managing and running SSE Business Lab, one of Sweden's most successful environments for young startups. For more information, Please click here

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