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SPIN Accelerator Sweden

The Swedish Olympic Academy (SOA) has established a partnership with the global organisation HYPE Sports Innovation to start the accelerator program SPIN Accelerator Sweden. The program is being led by KTH Innovation and the Center for Sports & Business at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Within SOA, SPIN Accelerator Sweden was conducted during the spring of 2019, with HYPE Sports Innovation as our international partner. The 10 participants were Sport Tech companies hailing from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. 

How we perform, consume and judge sports is under transformation. This became clear when Sweden's Olympic Acaqdemy (SOA) gathered experts, startups and investors at the Stockholm School of Economics for the final round of the SPIN Accelerator Sweden. 

Accelerator Program 

For twelve weeks, Sweden's Olympic Academy (SOA) and the international organization HYPE Sports Innovation have conducted the Spin Accelerator Sweden, a program focusing on sports technology innovation. SOA is a foundation established by Sweden's Olympic Committee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Karolinska Institute, and the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). 

Ten promising sports technology companies participated in the spring of 2019 in the program. They have been coached under a program designed by KTH Innovation and SSE's Center for Sports & Business, and have also been connected to a global network of sports technology companies. 

The accelerator program was designed to give promising sports technology startups the right network, knowledge and tools to enable them to become global success stories. For twelve weeks, the companies met online and in person in Stockholm. They exchanged experiences with each other and with experts in their respective areas and received both group and individual coaching.

The program was built around the strengths in HYPE's international network, in the contacts and expertise from SSE's Center for Sports & Business, and KTH Innovation's tools and long experience of work with early-phase technology startups. 

The SPIN Accelerator Sweden program concluded on June 25 at the Stockholm School of Economics, and after all the startups had pitched to the jury, horse-tech Equilab was judged the winner. This Gothenburg-based company helps riders improve horse training with an app that can measure training duration, as well as gait and speed. They currently have 450,000 users worldwide, and steadily increasing. 

It's fantastic having our efforts validated as important contributions, and having our company's potential recognized. It has been extremely valuable to obtain new insights together with the other companies in the program, and hear others talk about the journeys their companies are making.
Simon Bengtsson
CTO of Equilab

Equilab's award includes participation in a global technology event, including travel costs. JustFootball won the honorable mention for its mobile game that gets young people out and moving, and earned the privilige of presenting at SMASH, a large startup event in Finland in the fall of 2019. 

It was clear during this event that there is a lot going on within sports technology, as specially invited guests listened to presentations on everything from optimizing nutritional intakes for elite athletes, to how Swedish soccer uses video analysis to provide new opportunities for both spectators and trainers. 

The fact that Swedish sports technology is hot isn't a coincidence. Sweden has always punched above its weight when it comes to both sport and innovation. We have launched tech companies that made it big internationally, and we have achieved success against tough competition. Combining Stockholm's strong innovation system and academic power with an international network has been a success, and we are proud of our participation in this program.
Lisa Ericsson
Head of KTH Innovation

The companies participating in SPIN Accelerator Sweden work in widely differing sports and have different challenges, but the common denominator is that they help individuals perform better and get a better experience from their sport. Users range from daiily exercisers who want to practice golf without incurring elbow pain, to marathon runners who want to see how far they are from their nearest competitors. 

Now that the program is over, the participants can still make use of each other and the international network of thousands of startups and investors that past participants have access to, through HYPE Sports Innovation. 

HYPE was looking for a partner in the Nordic countries that could combine entrepreneurship with solid base in sports and education, and that were experienced in supporting and building startups. We made the right choice in our cooperation with Sweden's Olympic Academy.
Yariv Barak
Global Director, HYPE

The program was carried out with support from Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency. 

Activities at SSE 

Seminar: SportsTech, Empowering the Athlete

A seminar by the Swedish Olympic Academy about how SportsTech is used to empower Swedish elite sportsmen as well as people doing regular lighter exercising. 

June 24, 2019, 14.30-18.30. KAW. 

Demo Day 

10 new and upcoming sports-tech startups from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany pitch and display their solutions as they finish the twelve-week accelerator program powered by KTH Innovation and SSE Center for Sports & Business. 

June 25, 2019, 9.00-14.00. Atrium (9.00-9.45), KAW (10.00-12.00) and Atrium (12.00-14.00). 

The Following Ten Companies Participated in SPIN Accelerator Sweden 

AI Spotter

AI Spotter has developed a rapid, time-saving service for coaches around the world. Their goal is to combine high-tech with all types of sports. Real-time analyses give coaches and their teams the power to stay one step ahead. 


Real football, virtual careers. JustFootball is a mobile game that will inspire players to play football (soccer) for real. 


RideQ is a horse-tech company helping riders improve their posture and positioning with a new digital tool that can be used while riding, with or without a trainer. 


Kinexit is an IT solution delivering personally tailored physical training straight to cellphones. A completely personal profile built on self-assessment continually guides the shape of the training program. Physical restrictions are identified, which lead automatically to a large number of personally designed training exercises for rapid improvement. 


Straffr has develped and re-invented the resistance band. A portable gym for your sports bag and a personal trainer in your pocket. 

StepUp Air

StepUp Air is developing a new generation activity band, which analyses your breathing patterns and heart reate in real time, so that you know how your body is really feeling. 


The Hooves app helps you plan and log every activity involving your horse, and keeps your team updated. Organize yourself with Hooves, so you can concentrate on what's really important. 


Race.se gathers all of Sweden's races - whether running, biking, swimming or skiing - in a single place. You can search for a race, gather your favorites and share your coming challenges. 


BodyBarista is an app for checking your measurements and monitoring how your body changes when following a fitness plan. Based on photos you take with your iPhone, you get exact measurements of your muscle groups (cm or inches), with higher precision than you get for your scale, and can compare muscle strength and fat content over time. 


This equestrian sports app being used by over 450,000 riders. Equilab automatically logs your training and enables measurements at every moment, increase your insights and understand your own development.