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Stefan Einarsson

My two main research areas are (1) Strategy and governance in membership based organizations such as associations, federations and cooperatives; and (2) The significance of foundations within wider society which involves the size, structure and development of the foundation sector both within Sweden and internationally, and also issues of strategy, philanthropy, grantmaking and internal governance of foundations.

My teaching experience ranges from undergraduate courses in management, leadership, and organization theory to more specialized teaching in civil society governance and management on master level. I also teach Change Management at the Executive MBA.

I regularly function as reviewer for journals such as Voluntas, Voluntary Sector Review and Journal of Civil Society and am on the editorial board of Voluntas.

For more information on my research and also full text versions of some of my publications see my page on Academia.edu.


Between knowledge and ideology. 
The project focus on think tanks, defined here as organizations with the explicit dual mission of (academic) research and (political) advocacy and whose activity thus includes the two distinct and seemingly incompatible institutional logics of knowledge production and ideology production. The aim of the study is to examine the ways in which the relationship between two logics of knowledge production and ideology production is constructed, negotiated and organized within think tanks, with focus on the intra-organizational actors (individuals) who produce and reproduce these organizationally situated logics, and on the intra-organizational arenas where this is done.

Swedish Foundation Sector - size and structure is aiming at updating our previous mapping of the Swedish foundation sector (link to previous report https://www.academia.edu/1063488/Foundations_in_Sweden_their_scope_roles_and_visions) and also comparing it with data from the Norwegian foundation sector.

Strategy and governance of producer co-operatives. The focus of the project is strategic governance within the Swedish agricultural co-operatives where the empirical focus is on two of the largest Swedish producer cooperatives. The focal point is the different roles or dimensions of the members and the member organizations and how these roles or dimensions affect strategic governance.


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