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How to stay relevant in the 2020 retail landscape?

The workshop was about the future of Clas Ohlson and how they stay relevant in new market conditions.

The workshop was held by Emma Ahlström, Consumer Insights Specialist, and Carl Lidefeldt, Head of Business Development. First, the Clas Ohlson representatives started by giving a small introduction to the company, followed by presenting the case. Clas Ohlson is currently facing the challenge, in how to stay competitive in the changing retail landscape. In the last 2 years, Clas Ohlson repositioned itself from a pure product towards offering complete solutions. The Full-service solutions should be catered to different customers with different needs. However even though Clas Ohlson has repositioned itself, the customers have little idea about Clas Ohlson's recent change. 

The students were then asked to create initiatives on how Clas Ohlson can stay relevant by strengthening their value offering, with their broadened customer offering strategy. To come up with ideas the students were divided into 4 different groups. These ideas were presented on a mood board using different utensils from the Clas Ohlson's store.  

Some of the suggestions presented, tackled the customers on the last mile. Meaning that the customers could be provided with services until the products reached their homes. An example here was the ability to rent a bike or get the products delivered to your home. Another solution was to help students moving via video-calls and then having an employee from Clas Ohlson helping as a craftsman.

Hanna Meesenburg, Key Account Manager, Clas Ohlsons’s Retail Club 

CFR Retail Retail Club

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