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Previous Years' Ohlin Lectures

Professor Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg, Yale University
"The Unequal Effects of Globalization"

Professor Pol Antras, Harvard University
"Global Value Chains: the Economics of Spiders and Snakes"

Professor Gene M. Grossman, Princeton University
"Trade, Growth, and Inequality"

Professor Robert W. Staiger, Roth Family Distinguished Professor in the Arts and Sciences at Dartmouth College
"The Purpose, Design and Implementation of Trade Agreements"

Professor Marc Melitz, David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University 
"Trade and Competition with Heterogeneous Firms"

Professor Timothy J. Kehoe
Distinguished McKnight University, University of Minnesota 
"Modeling the Impact of Trade Liberalization" 

Professor Jonathan Eaton, Brown University
"Trade Networks"

Professor Guillermo Calvo, Columbia University          
​“Macroeconomics in Times of Liquidity Crises: Searching for Economic Essentials" (MIT Press 2016)

Professor Daniel Trefler, University of Toronto       
"International Trade and Institutional Dynamics"

Professor Douglas A. Irwin
Robert E. Maxwell ’23 Professor of Arts and Sciences, Dartmouth College     
"Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from the 1930s" (MIT Press 2011)

Professor Edward E. Leamer
Chauncey J. Medberry Professor in Management, Professor of Statistics and Economics at Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles     
"The Craft of Economics: Lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin Framework" (MIT Press 2012)

Professor Robert C. Feenstra
Professor, C. Bryan Cameron Distinguished Chair in International Economics
University of California, Davis      
"Offshoring in the Global Economy" (MIT Press 2010)

Professor Kenneth Rogoff
Professor of Economics
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts     
"Implications of Globalization for Exchange Rates, Current Accounts and Inflation"

Professor Maurice Obstfeld
Class of 1958 Professor of Economics
University of California, Berkeley     
"International Risk Sharing and the Costs of Trade"

Professor Anthony J. Venables
Professor of International Economics
London School of Economics and Political Science     
"International Inequalities: The Role of Trade"

Professor Jeffrey G. Williamson
Laird Bell Professor of Economics
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts     
"Globalization and the Poor Periphery Before the Modern Era" (MIT Press 2006)

Professor Alan V. Deardorff
John W. Sweetland Professor of International Economics and Professor of Economics and Public Policy
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor     
"Sources and Implications of Comparative Advantage"

Professor J. Peter Neary
Professor of Political Economy
University College Dublin     
"Globalisation and Market Structure"

Professor Elhanan Helpman
Archie Sherman Professor of International Economic Relations
Tel Aviv University     
"Growth in an Interdependent World Economy"

Professor W. Max Corden
Chung Ju Yung Distinguished Professor of International Economics
Johns Hopkins University, Washington     
"The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime: Lessons from Asia, Latin America, and Europe"
(MIT Press 2002)

Professor Robert A. Mundell
Professor of Economics
Columbia University     
"What the Euro Means for Europe and the World"

Professor Ronald W. Jones
Xerox Professor of Economics
University of Rochester     
"International Trade with Mobility of Inputs" (MIT Press 2000)

Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs
Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade
Director, Harvard Institute for International Development, Harvard University     
"The Transition to Capitalism: History and Present Challenges"

Professor Deepak K. Lal
James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies
University of California, Los Angeles     
"Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance"
(MIT Press 1998)

Professor Ronald I. McKinnon
William Eberle Professor of International Economics
Stanford University     
"Market-Preserving Fiscal Federalism: The Conditions of Money and Credit"

Professor Robert E. Baldwin
Hilldale Professor of Economics
University of Wisconsin     
"The Development and Testing of Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Models" (MIT Press 2008)

Professor Paul Krugman, MIT     
"Development, Geography, and Economic Theory" (MIT Press 1995)

Professor Ronald Findlay
Columbia University     
"Factor Proportions, Trade, and Growth" (MIT Press 1995)

Professor Anne O. Krueger
Duke University     
"Political Economy of Policy Reform in Developing Countries" (MIT Press 1993)

Professor Assar Lindbeck, Stockholm University     
"Unemployment and Macroeconomics" (MIT Press 1993)

Professor Richard N. Cooper, The Center for International Affairs, Harvard University       "Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries" (MIT Press 1992)

Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University in the City of New York      
"Protectionism" (MIT Press 1988")

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