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MSC and BSC theses

Our faculty regularly supervise thesis projects on both the Master's and Bachelor's level. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in writing your thesis within the domain of sports.

MSc theses

Anna Sandäng and Eric Karlsson (2019). The legitimising role of accounting in a public debate: A case study of the Swedish candidacy for hosting the Olympic Winter Games 2026.

Olle Göransson and Carl Hedström (2019). From bean counter to ball counter? An evaluation of the current role of the finance function in professional Swedish ice hockey and football clubs.

Marcus Åvall and Falk Wahlström (2019). Winning without scoring on the field: How management accounting shapes the modern elite football club: how management accounting shapes the modern elite football club.

Carl Grant and Marcus Skantze (2018). Numerical professionalization: The role of calculative practices in governing the individual football player.

Christoffer Gerdin and Christian Rump (2017). Predicting Financial Distress: A model for the European Football Industry.

Rikard Edvardsson and Michael Kestad (2017). Controlling the journey from amateur to pro: Institutional work in sport organizations.

Hang Nguyen and Beichen Chen (2017). Talent management in sports - A qualitative analysis of Swedish sport federations.

Amanda Sochon and Anna Zdolsek (2017). THE SPONSORSHIP COLLABORATION – A GAME ON EQUAL TERMS? A qualitative study of gender-influence in football sponsorship collaborations

Marcus Kristensson and Gabriel Spetz (2016). The interrelations of intrafirm management control and inter-organizational relationships: A study of sponsorship activities within elite sports clubs.

Anders Nyman and Daniel Ahlenius (2015). Management Control Systems in Elite Sport Organizations: Understanding MCS structure in Swedish professional sport clubs.

Johan Hanström and Caroline Lundström  (2015). Budgeting for gold or profit? A case study on budget uses within a Swedish elite ice hockey organisation.

Adrian Strömberg and Victor Wänerfjord (2015). Sports merited CEOs and firm performance: An empirical study of sports merited CEO characteristics and firm performance

Elina Hämäläinen (2015). Talent recruitment and development in hockey: A multiple-case study involving four Swedish ice hockey clubs.

Sarah Ahnström and Sofia Albertsson (2014). Management control systems for corporate sponsorship: A study of corporations’ holistic management of sponsorship.

Ellen Ekblom and Denise Stengård (2014). Management control systems as a package in a hybrid organization: A case study of a Swedish elite football organization.

Marcus Janback and Tor Pöllänen (2014). Management control systems in Swedish elite football associations - A case study on Djurgårdens IF Fotboll.

Louise Karlsson (2014). Management control systems in sport event organizations: How to cope with a pulsating nature and multiple stakeholders.

Jonas Bukenas (2014). Benefits of Sponsoring a Football Club: An event study.

Bernhard Böhm (2014). The downside of fandom and sponsorships: An empirical study of sports team rivalry and other negative sport sponsorship effects.


BSc theses

Oliver Lindqvist Parbratt and Marcus Wernersson (2019). Thinking differently about a newly implemented pms: a single-case study of a swedish elite football club.

Gustaf Banér and Christian Thorwid (2015). Är det tanken som räknas? En kvantitativ studie om hur sponsorskapsmotiv och kongruensnivå påverkar sponsorskapsutfall inom e-sport.

Johan Lindbäck and Tobias Bengtsdahl (2015). Management control systems in a hybrid organization facing financial problems.

Oscar Lundqvist and Philip Green (2015). Measurability of corporate Sponsorship in sport events: An empirical study of Ericsson’s and Stora Enso’s commitment in the 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun.

Anna Söderlind and Emma Nilsson (2015). Decision-Making Processes for Different Categories of Sport Sponsorship.


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