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Gunnel Wåhlstrand

Skrivbordet (2003, Ink on paper)

2003, Skrivbordet, Ink on paper 206 x 157 cm


How would you describe what you were working on when you were awarded the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Scholarship and what did the scholarship mean to you?

I received the scholarship in 2003, the same year I graduated from the Academy. Getting the scholarship was great and significant. Lots of eyes that suddenly saw you and money so you could continue working in

What discussions characterized the art scene at this time and what was particularly important you?

The only art life I knew at the time was about the school and just about it, I kept pretty much in it my studio and tried to focus on my own. Remember no direct discussions or political climate that should have shaped me. Then I felt, as now, that everything is possible at the same time. It was more conversations, music, and movies that matter, and art history lessons. I painted of important photographs in ink in a way to try to understand and recreate the time around my dad, which was taken

What exhibitions, films and books were important to you and what did you listen to for music?

Listened to Wendy Carlos Switched-On Bach a lot and remembered Michael Hanekes The pianist as the strongest I had ever seen.

What are you working on today?

Today, I still work similarly, although the motives may differ slightly from when I started. The next target is a separate exhibition at Magasin III in September 2016.

This is an excerpt from Samlade stipendiater!: 30 år med Maria Bonnier Dahlins stiftelse, by Niclas Östlind, (red.) (2016). Stockholm: Bonnier fakta.