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Sweden through the crisis

Sweden has been an outlier in handling the coronavirus. "Sweden through the crisis" is a comprehensive report from researchers connected to the Stockholm School of Economics exploring how and why Sweden is different, and how to navigate through challenges caused by the pandemic. The report provides perspectives on economics, business and finance. New articles will be published twice a week.

Weekly Digest

Articles will be released twice weekly during the summer.

Sweden through the crisisIllustration: Bo Lundberg

Articles: July 6

Articles: July 3

Articles: July 2

Articles: July 1

Articles: June 30

Articles: June 29

Articles: June 26

Articles: June 25

Articles: June 24

Articles: June 23

Articles: June 22

Articles: June 17

Articles: June 16

Articles: June 15


Göran Lindqvist
Director of Research
Project manager, Sweden through the crisis

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