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Research funding and applications

To apply for a research grant

At SIR, each researcher is responsible for his or her funding. To find calls for new research grants, use Research Professional (see below).

There are a few formalities when applying for a research grant at SIR:
• The Center Director should approve the application, to ensure that the application is up to the standard of the center.
• The SIR Director signs the application and/or contract for each research grant. We prefer that you contact the SIR office for a check of the budget before the application is submitted. Send an e-mail to Johan Söderholm johan.soderholm@hhs.se to receive an Excel-file for calculating the project budget or if you have any questions regarding the budget.  If you receive a grant and the financiers do not provide a standard contract, there are a few examples at the SIR office that you can use as a guide for a contract.

The project leader is responsible for fulfilling the commitments in the grant contract. If there might be any problems in fulfilling the contract, the project leader should, in good time, inform the Center Director, the SIR Director and the financier.

Most financiers require a scientific and/or financial report to be handed in both through the project and after the project. The SIR office will help with preparing a financial report to the financier. 

To find calls for new research grants

Within the SSE sphere you can use the Research Professional grant database. Go to http://researchprofessional.com through the SSE network and the system will recognize that you have access to the database. Just type a financiers name in the front page or press the “All Economics and Management” link for a database search.

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