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Sjöberg, Örjan

Chaired Professor
Department of Economics

Örjan Sjöberg is Professor of Economic Geography, Dept. of Marketing and Strategy, and Research Director at the SIR Center for Sustainability Research. Completing his PhD at Uppsala University in 1991, Örjan joined the Stockholm School of Economics as an Assistant Professor in economic geography the same year. He received the title of Docent in 1997 and was appointed a full professor in 2001. Over the years, Örjan has taught a wide range of courses on economic geography, international economics and sustainability.

Research themes include the impact of economic and institutional systems on societal phenomena, such as migration, urbanisation and labour markets. Combining spatial, social and economic theory in its international political economy guise, it has often been set in the context of developing or transition economies. Based on field work in the Baltics, the Balkans and South-East Asia, Örjan has much enjoyed the intellectual rewards of multidisciplinary research environments while applied research for international organisations has ensured a close rapport with policy. Currently, urban development and issues of sustainability take pride of place, an expression of which is the close collaboration with fellow members of the SIR Center for Sustainability Research at SSE. He is also affiliated with the Sustainable Finance Lab, where he participates with a project on the potentially conflicting philosophies upon which sustainability efforts are based.