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Ljungqvist, Lars

Chaired Professor
Department of Economics

My macroeconomic research is primarily in the macro-labor field and has led to a prominent theory of structural unemployment, a contribution to a new aggregation theory of labor supply, and the discovery of a unifying channel of unemployment dynamics in matching models of the labor market.

I teach macroeconomics at the undergraduate and PhD level. My textbook with Thomas J. Sargent, Recursive Macroeconomic Theory (MIT Press), currently in its fourth edition, is widely used in PhD programs around the world.

I have served as an Associate Editor at the European Economic Review, the Journal of the European Economic Association, and the Review of Economic Dynamics.

My present other affiliations are Global Distinguished Professor of Economics at New York University (since 2006) and Research Fellow at CEPR (since 1999).


Selected publications

“The Fundamental Surplus Strikes Again,” with Thomas J. Sargent, Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 41, 2021, pp. 38-51.

“Public Sector Employment and the Skill Premium: Sweden versus the United States 1970-2012,” with David Domeij, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 121, no. 1, 2019, pp. 3-31. [SJE Prize for the Best Paper of 2019]

“The Fundamental Surplus,” with Thomas J. Sargent, American Economic Review, vol. 107(9), 2017, pp. 2630-2665.

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“How Do Layoff Costs Affect Employment?” Economic Journal, vol. 112, 2002, pp. 829-853.

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