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Mini Course with Federico Echenique, Caltech

Mini course on Revealed-Preference Theory

In this 4-hour-mini-course, open to all who are interested, Professor Federico Echenique (http://www.hss.caltech.edu/content/federico-m-echenique) will discuss the revealed-preference approach and basic consumer theory, the generalized axiom of revealed preference, and Afriat's Theorem. An overview of the empirical literature on revealed-preference tests will be given, in particularly concerning expected utility, discounted utility, and maximization. Finally, there will be a brief discussion of extensions to game theory, general equilibrium theory, and other multi-agent models.

Reference: “Revealed Preference Theory,” by Chambers and Echenique, 2016 (Econometric Society Monograph, Cambridge University Press).
The book is free to download for members of the Econometric Society.

Registration: By e-mail to Ritva Kiviharju 


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