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Courses and schedule

Past, Present and Future of Retail Research (7.5 ECTS)

January 7-10, 2020
Course Directors: Prof. Sara Rosengren and Prof. Anne Roggeveen

This course introduces the retail research canon, spanning early works in in-store marketing to the latest research on sustainability and digitalization in retailing. The reading list is multi-disciplinary with a focus on articles published in the leading academic retailing journal: Journal of Retailing. The purpose of the course is to guide the participants in the many areas of retailing research, discuss the topics and their relevance, and to discover promising avenues for future research in collaboration with industry experts from companies and organizations. 

Note: For this course, food and housing at Kämpasten Conference Center will be provided for all admitted participants.

Bridging Theory and Practice (5 ECTS) - ONLINE FORMAT

August 17-20, 2020
Course Directors: Prof. Sara Rosengren and Assistant Prof. Fredrik Lange

The course aims to prepare the PhD candidates on how to best plan and manage their research projects to become both publishable as well as manageable for companies. PhD candidates learn more about how to build a research trajectory that has practical relevance to the retail industry. The course has two parts. One part directed at the doctoral students in which different types of industry relevance are discussed. Focus is on outreach and executive education. In the second part, researchers and practitioners are brought together in an executive training module. In this 2,5-day practitioner module, the PhD candidates take part in an executive training module alongside practitioners. This helps build an understanding for contemporary retailing at the same time as it provides unique networking opportunities for both researchers and practitioners.

Methods in Retail Research (5 ECTS)

October 19-22, 2020
Course Director: Assistant Prof. Wiley Wakeman

Retail research includes many and varied methodologies, ranging from in-store experiments to big data analysis to case studies and ethnography and more. This course will have a particular focus on experiments. The course will also offer insights into a broader scope of methods used in retail research. To achieve this, one afternoon will be devoted to meeting retail researchers from different disciplines and universities. These researchers will share their in-depth knowledge of their preferred methods and give the participants an overview of the diverse nature of retail research.

CANCELLED: Skills course: Reviewing, Discussing and Defending (5 ECTS)

October 19-22, 2020
Course Director: Prof. Micael Dahlen

Being an academic researcher means being part of the academic community. This includes reviewing of both conference and journal papers. In this course, the participants will review several real articles. Some papers will be presented in all of their iterations following the reviewing process, thus informing the participants of how the reviewing system works and the process of getting a paper through the reviewing process. At the end of the course, all participants will have formulated their own reviewing philosophy

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