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The role of IT in the construction of knowledge and competence in Knowledge Intensive Firms

This is an ongoing research project conducted within the research program “Knowing how to lead” at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership. The study is focussed on IT´s role in the construction or shaping of knowledge and competence in knowledge intensive firm. More specifically the study is interested in the increasing interest shown by both consultants and companies for Talent Management – i.e the whole process of recruiting, developing, motivation, handling and keeping your talented employees. There are several IT systems and solutions that aim at supporting the companies in their management of their talents. This study focus on some of these IT-solutions that has been implemented by several (knowledge intensive) companies. The purpose of the study is to get a deeper understanding of the implications of these systems in terms of knowledge and leadership.

Some of the central questions are:

  • How are these systems used (as intended or not)?

  • What passes for knowledge in these IT-systems (how is knowledge and competence constructed and with what    consequences)?

  • How is knowledge organized and transformed to others in the organization and with what consequences?

  • Are these systems changing the roles of everyday leadership?

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