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Becoming a Manager

The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge of how the management role is constructed for first-time managers. Six newly appointed managers are studied during their first year as manager. What happens with these managers' perception of management work and what will the implications be for the socialisation of and identification with the management role? The project aims to find out how a manager delivers his/her "performance" in the first-year experience of his/her position.

The contribution of the project is expected to be increased knowledge of the institutionalising/construction of management and will as such be useful to both researchers in management and practitioners, especially managers and people responsible of human resources.

Keywords: manager, socialisation, identity work

Selected publications:
(2005) Czarniawska, Barbara & Sevón, Guje: Global ideas. How Ideas, Objects and Practices Travel in the Global Economy. Malmö: Liber/CBS Press.
(2004) Fellbom, Elisabeth: Det emotionella medarbetsarsamtalet. I Sevón, Guje & Sjöberg, Lennart: Emotioner och värderingar i näringslivet (199-213). EFIs Årsbok. Stockholm: EFI

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